Marlean Felix

Allyson Felix defied her teammates at Los Angeles Baptist High School to win multiple California state championships and world championship medals in short distance events, not to mention six Olympic gold medals.

Allyson Felix’s mother is Marlean. She is well known among celebrity parents in the US; however, details regarding her income statement remain unknown.

Early Life and Education

Felix began running track at Los Angeles Baptist High School as part of her ninth grade year, alongside her older brother Wes. Though initially teased for her lanky frame, Felix quickly become an outstanding athlete and won multiple California state titles during her freshman, sophomore, and junior years.

Felix signed with Adidas after graduating high school in 2003 and forgoing her college scholarship to focus solely on sprinting. She earned six Olympic gold medals – more than any female sprinter in history.

Paul Felix is an active pastor and New Testament professor with The Master’s Seminary, while she herself teaches Balboa Magnet Elementary School. Their daughter Allyson often expresses her appreciation to both parents for all they’ve done for her on numerous occasions.

Professional Career

Marlean Felix teaches elementary school at Balboa Magnet Elementary in Santa Clarita, California and is also mother to track and field sprinter Allyson Felix. Marlean is a devout Christian with Scorpio as her zodiac sign.

Allyson Felix has often paid her parents tribute for the support they have shown her throughout her life, noting how they raised her in an austere Christian household and serve as her role models.

Allyson has earned many medals during her career. She won gold at the 2008 Olympic Games for 4 x 400-meter relay, as well as multiple world championship titles. Allyson plans on competing in her last world championship event before retiring in 2022 with 19 world championship medals under her belt.

Achievement and Honors

Allyson Felix is one of America’s most decorated track and field athletes, holding 11 Olympic medals and 19 world championship gold medals – more than any female sprinter ever before her.

She comes from a strong religious background, often talking about it and how much her religion inspires and grounds her.

Her mother, Marlean, works as a teacher at Balboa Magnet Elementary School and raised in a religious household that valued godliness among family members.

Allyson Felix has won four Jesse Owens Awards and been honored as USATF Female Athlete of the Year three times, in addition to receiving an Honorary Doctorate Degree from USC.

Personal Life

Felix was taught by her parents the value of hard work and perseverance in an extremely competitive sport; this legacy helped contribute to her success; Felix has often acknowledged it by saying she owes much of it to them; attending college was her promise to them.

Felix began competing in track and field after graduation. She soon earned national and Olympic prominence – winning two golds and two silvers in 4 x 100-meter relay competition as well as four medals overall in 400 meters events.

Outside the arena, she is known for being a strong advocate for female athletes’ rights. In 2019, she wrote an op-ed about Nike’s discriminatory maternity policies resulting in changes to their company policy. Kenneth Ferguson is an American sprinter married to Caty and they share one daughter named Camryn.

Net Worth

Allyson Felix was born on November 18th 1985 to Paul and Marlean Felix of California. Her father Paul is an ordained minister who teaches New Testament at Master’s Seminary; her mother works as an elementary school teacher at Balboa Magnet Elementary School. Additionally, Wes Felix, her older brother is also an athlete – currently acting as her agent.

Her estimated net worth is an estimated of around $4.5 Million and she shares her daughter Camryn with Kenneth Ferguson, an American hurdler and sprinter.

Allyson Felix has long been known for her advocacy on issues affecting female athletes, especially athlete moms. In 2019, she made headlines by publishing an op-ed about her contract dispute with Nike over their discriminatory maternity policies causing widespread controversy and prompting reform in the sports industry.

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