Mathilde Thomas

Mathilde Thomas is a Master of All Things Beauty

Mathilde Thomas of Caudale is one of France’s great beauty ambassadors, having created and launched her all-natural skincare range that sells in 15,000 stores globally. Hailing from Bordeaux, Mathilde and her husband took inspiration from grape seeds discarded during winemaking to launch an environmentally-friendly skin-care line that meets both your and our needs.

Early Life and Education

Mathilde Thomas is known for cofounding Caudalie skincare line and owning high-end spas across the world, spending much of her time in her bathroom creating new potions to bring about change in French beauty culture.

Caudalie began after an accidental encounter with a doctor at her family vineyard in Bordeaux led her to discover that grape seeds and skins possess powerful antioxidant properties. Since then, it has grown into an international brand with spas in Paris, New York, and Istanbul.

Thomas has managed to use a byproduct from winemaking as beauty product, using Vine[Activ]. She also masterfully combined wine and skin care in her latest offering, Vine[Activ]. Vine[Activ] may just be your solution to nonstop work schedules, unbalanced sleep patterns and environmental stressors!

Professional Career

Mathilde Thomas is co-founder and mastermind behind French skincare brand Caudalie, making her an authority in all things beauty. From dry-hair treatments and bike-friendly fashion to clean formulations that protect skin health and the planet, her holistic approach to both beauty and life has led to many successes for both herself and the brand she co-created.

But despite her many accolades, she still spends many hours in her bathroom-turned-laboratory developing formulas. We got her to share all about her beauty secrets, her biggest struggles and advice she’d give to younger versions of herself. Additionally, she revealed grape-based treatments she claims outstrip wines for treating acne – as well as one product every woman should add to their beauty regime (hint: it isn’t an eye cream!). Read on!

Achievement and Honors

Caudalie, founded by French skincare brand Caudalie in France, is widely recognized for their luxurious anti-oxidant rich products and their founder’s belief that “the more caudalies” (wine slang for tastes) you have, the younger you look. But her true belief lies within beauty being not simply aesthetic but about feeling great as well – which they based their business off of.

Mathilde Thomas was honored with being named a Knight of the National Order of France for her entrepreneurial achievements and dedication to eco-conscious products. Since 1993, her company, founded in 1993, has supported the 1 % for the Planet movement by giving back one percent of sales each year to environmental charities.

Personal Life

Mathilde Thomas lives high up on First Avenue with her husband Bertrand and three children, making the space lively, colorful and welcoming – which perfectly encapsulates both her brand and personality. Mathilde loves traveling the world over, making New York home for some of her signature vinotherapie spas.

Spending much of her time tinkering in her bathroom, she is passionate about clean beauty – defined as products without chemicals or synthetic fragrances – that don’t irritate skin and are friendly for the planet. Her love of plants was ignited through hikes on their parents’ vineyard in Bordeaux where she discovered grape seeds discarded after wine production actually possess significant skincare properties.

Net Worth

Thomas has amassed considerable wealth through her various ventures. One such business she co-founded with her twin sister Pauline is Khassani Swimwear brand.

The pair is well known for their forward-thinking fashion choices and travel passion, and she has also been active in investing with Famille C Participations in clean brands like Skin & Out and Talm.

She has also appeared in films, most recently as Roosevelt in the teen comedy Fun Size and Gretel in Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters with Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton; written and directed by Tommy Wirkola.

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