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Mellen Thomas Benedict

Mellen Thomas Benedict died peacefully in hospice care, showing no vital signs for over an hour, only to return with new knowledge that would change the world. An artist, inventor and spiritual leader known for sharing his sacred wisdom and genius with family and friends alike.

Mellon gave his fascinating autobiography to family and selected friends with instructions not to make it public, creating an exquisite narrative which remains an invaluable piece.

Early Life and Education

Mellen Thomas Benedict was an internationally recognized scientist, inventor, spiritual leader, speaker, workshop leader and author. His passion was sharing his knowledge and sacred wisdom with others around the globe.

He dedicated much of his time traveling across several countries and working alongside powerful shamans, always looking for new ways to harness light’s strength.

Following his 1982 Near Death Experience (NDE), Mellen made regular trips back into the light, returning with tangible creations as evidence for life after death and reincarnation. He provided hope and inspiration to humanity about life after death and reincarnation through humility, deep insight and love – qualities which characterized his approachability and profound knowledge. Mellen passed away peacefully on March 31, 2017, leaving behind Michael and uncle Jerry as legacy.

Professional Career

Mellen was an international speaker and workshop leader as well as a researcher, inventor, lecturer and inventor on near death experiences (NDEs). Additionally, he served as mentor to numerous NDE researchers and authors; additionally he invented unique stained glass cutting scissors which became industry standard.

Mellen had an interest in harnessing the energy used by Shamans to amplify light technology. Mellen sought ways to better the world and would often share his philosophies and spiritual journey through conversation and storytelling.

He leaves behind his wife, Susan Markee of Superior, WI; children Christine Polkinghore, Diana (Michael) Markee-O’Brien and Scott Markee as well as three grandchildren Kathryn, Dane and Matthew; as well as his brother and uncle.

Achievement and Honors

Mellen dedicated much of his energy and time to light technology invention and research. Additionally, he spoke at universities and spiritual centers about near death experiences and the development of consciousness.

In 1982, he experienced an amazing out-of-body experience that allowed him to gain insight into the universe from a higher viewpoint. His guardian angel explained to him how all our lives are stored on an universal super mainframe for everyone’s benefit and the more conscious we become, the greater will be the benefits for ourselves and everyone around us.

Mellen quickly took up this new knowledge, dedicating much of his life to spreading it through lecturing and public speaking engagements. An inspiring figure who took great pleasure in his work and striving to make a positive difference in society, Mellen was always making an impressionful statement with each new lecture or seminar he delivered.

Personal Life

Mellen Thomas Benedict was both an artist and renaissance man, known for playing his guitar for hours on end and for creating groundbreaking innovations – such as stained glass cutting scissors renowned worldwide.

Mellen-Thomas Benedict survived an incredible near death experience in 1982. Although he showed no signs of life for 90 minutes, he experienced one of the most transcendent NDEs ever documented and discovered reincarnation and that we are one in spirit and matter.

He discovered fractal geometry (a type of geometric shape with intricate structures at all scales). Throughout his life he lectured widely about his remarkable experiences and knowledge gained following an NDE.

Net Worth

Mellen-Thomas Benedict passed away on March 31, 2017. Adora Deva is handling his estate.

Mellen spent much of his life lecturing on the scientific and spiritual nature of the universe, including its evolution of consciousness, reincarnation and Universal Intelligence or God (which Mellen believed in). Additionally, he invented several light technology inventions.

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