Melvine Bellanfanti

Melvine Bellanfanti – Mother of Harry Belafonte

Melvine Bellanfanti is the mother of Harry Belafonte, an esteemed American singer-songwriter and activist. Additionally, she has long been active as an activist herself – working for various causes throughout her career.

Born in Harlem neighborhood of New York City in 1927, she had a Martiniquan chef father and Jamaican housekeeper mother.

Early Life and Education

Melvine Bellanfanti was the mother of Harry Belafonte. Born March 1st 1927 in Harlem New York City, Belafonte is best known as an American singer-actor-activist. Melvine Love hailed from Jamaica while Harold George Bellanfanti Sr was an experienced chef working for several New York restaurant establishments.

Bellanfanti was raised by his mother after their family emigrated from Martinique and Jamaica to New York, raising him in poverty but nurturing his passions for music, culture, activism and social justice. She often encouraged this commitment through encouraging him in various struggles around the world as well as during Civil Rights Era in US. Additionally he is famous for popularizing Caribbean music (calypso) in US culture.

Professional Career

Melvine Bellanfanti was the mother of famed American singer-actor-activist Harry Belafonte. Unfortunately, she recently passed away at 96 due to congestive heart failure.

She was born in Alexandria, Saint Ann Parish Jamaica on December 19, 1906 and quickly rose through the ranks as a hardworking individual, playing a vital role in shaping her son’s life as well as contributing to America’s Civil Rights Movement.

In the 1950s, her son popularized Calypso music to an international audience and is regarded as being the first African-American artist ever to win an EGOT (Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards). Additionally he became well-known for his acting and social activist work – acting alongside such notable names as Marlon Brando, Tony Curtis, Walter Matthau, Bea Arthur and Sidney Poitier among many others.

Achievement and Honors

Melvine Bellanfanti is best known as being the mother of American singer-actor and activist Harry Belafonte. Born March 1st 1927 in Harlem New York and of Jamaican-American heritage. No details are known regarding her father or husband at this time. Melvine died April 25th 2023.

Belafonte was an iconic and dynamic performer who dedicated his life to upholding oppressed groups. As one of only a select few performers to receive all four major performance awards (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony), he earned recognition from all four. Additionally, he was active as an activist for civil rights and humanitarian causes worldwide with hits including Calypso; Jump in the Line; Jamaica Farewell as well as over 80 films/musicals throughout his career.

Personal Life

Melvine Bellanfanti was the mother of Harry Belafonte, an internationally acclaimed American singer-actress-activist. Born in Harlem to Harold George Bellanfanti Sr. – an Italian chef originally hailing from Martinique – and Melvine Love Bellanfanti – an Jamaican housekeeper – in 1927, she raised Harry alongside other siblings including his siblings of Jamaican heritage.

Belafonte faced discrimination and racism as a young man in his hometown, and credits the care provided by his mother as key in shaping his commitment to combat injustices throughout his lifetime.

Belafonte rose to fame during the 1950s through popularizing Jamaican mento folk tunes to international audiences and recording an LP that sold one million copies, Calypso in 1956. Additionally, he gained notoriety as an icon for civil rights and humanitarianism – receiving both accolades with Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 2014. Belafonte passed away April 25, 2023.

Net Worth

Melvine Bellanfanti’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $30 Million, which she amasses mainly through her American singing career and mothering Harry Belafonte, an esteemed Jamaican-American calypso musician, born March 1, 1927 at Lying-In Emergency Hospital in Harlem New York and son of Harold George Bellanfanti Sr a chef and Melvine Love who also worked as singers.

He was one of the most beloved Caribbean American pop stars and an activist, supporting civil rights and UNICEF Goodwill initiatives. A Grammy, Oscar and Tony awardee, he became the first artist with an album selling over 1 Million copies.

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