Mia Khalifa New Boyfriend

Mia Khalifa’s New Boyfriend

Mia Khalifa has a new man in her life. The former adult star is rumored to have rekindled her romance with Jhay Lopez. This rumor was further confirmed by the singer’s appearance at Jhay’s concert. The two appeared at the same event and were spotted kissing passionately.

Jhayco is a rapper from Brooklyn and has been active on social media. The rapper and singer went public about their relationship in November, and the couple was constantly posting pictures and videos. Several fans thought that Mia Khalifa and Jhayco had split. Nevertheless, Mia is no longer following Jhayco on social media.

It isn’t a coincidence that Mia was spotted at Jhay Lopez’s concert, but her new love interest is a Puerto Rican musician. Cortez is a bilingual artist who speaks Spanish and English. He started writing music at a young age and has a great talent for both languages. His songs were featured on Tito El Bambino’s Latin Grammy-winning album.

The couple started dating over a year ago. They shared numerous romantic pictures on Instagram. Currently, they are on a romantic vacation together in Ibiza. They sip Champagne, eat good food, and enjoy the sun. Mia posted some of the photos of the two on Instagram.

Last year, the couple planned to marry in June, but the COVID-19 crisis forced them to postpone the wedding. However, they exchanged vows and were rumored to have a wedding reception at their house. The couple also planned a grand reception at their home.

Mia Khalifa’s ex-boyfriend, Robert Sandberg, was the subject of many rumors about her new boyfriend. However, her ex-boyfriend has been known to cheat on her since they married in 2011. He was also accused of stalking the former porn star.

Mia Khalifa was briefly engaged to Robert Sandberg in 2019. The couple postponed their wedding, but separated in 2020. She is also a well-known social media personality, and has been spotted in several music videos. Her new love life with Jhay Lopez is a new chapter for her.

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