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The Friendship Between Michael Jackson and Chimpanzee Bubbles

If you grew up in the 1980s, you’re likely to have heard about Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee Bubbles. As well as performing with him in concerts, he appeared in a number of music videos and travelled the world with him.

The friendship between Michael Jackson and Bubbles had a profound impact on the star’s fame. When Bubbles was just eight months old, Michael bought him from a Hollywood animal trainer for $65,000. They were both then moved to Neverland Ranch. At this time, they also shared a bedroom.

While the two lived together at Neverland, they were often seen giving TV interviews. In addition, they traveled together on tours and had a long-running friendship.

When Bubbles was old enough to have a bathroom, he learned to use it. He slept on the singer’s bed and was sometimes seen sitting at the dinner table with him. But, as Bubbles grew older and stronger, he was too large for the singer to accommodate.

When Bubbles was old enough to wear a nappy, he was able to use the toilet. Although he was a great friend, he was also a danger to the singer’s newborn son Prince II. After he was born, Jackson gave him a slew of toys.

Bubbles was a big fan of painting and the flute. However, he didn’t like the picture of the Jackson 5 that was featured in Ebony magazine. Some people have said that it was due to the fact that the family were portrayed as being dirty. This was, however, untrue.

During Michael’s infamous 1987 Bad tour, Bubbles was a mascot. His appearance on stage drew crowds around the world. One photo from the concert shows an unnamed “star” wearing a white jacket and dark glasses. Another shows a white fedora-wearing figure.

The relationship between Michael and Bubbles had an intense level of tabloid interest. The pair appeared in many of Jackson’s music videos, including “Dirty” and “Liberian Girl.”

Michael and Bubbles’ friendship drew a tremendous amount of media attention. For example, the mayor of Osaka, Japan, Yasushi Oshima, met with the pair. Both of them were accompanied by their personal bodyguards. Moreover, the chimp was even treated as a member of the centre for great apes.

Since his death, the Michael Jackson estate has paid for the care of Bubbles. The chimp’s current living quarters are at the Centre for Great Apes in Wauchula, Florida.

Bubbles was a member of the Jackson family and was a major part of their eccentricity. Despite his age, he’s still a strong, aggressive adult. He enjoys a quiet moment, but he’s also camera shy.

Before he died, Jackson promised to visit a charity event and split the money between the club and children with HIV. However, his mental state was so bad that he hid overseas until his attorney Johnnie Cochran secured a guarantee from the LA district attorney.

Aside from his close relationship with Bubbles, the star was a big fan of apes and their ability to learn. Michael was fascinated by their brains, as well as their ability to understand speech.

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