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In the world of Hollywood, Jason Reitman is a director, filmmaker, and producer best known for his Academy Award winning film “Juno”. He was born in Montreal, Canada and raised in Los Angeles. At age 18, he turned down a medical career and instead pursued an English major at the University of California, Los Angeles. This was a decision that changed his life. Today, he lives with his wife Michele Lee. They have one daughter together.

Reitman has a long list of accolades and awards, including the Director’s Guild of America Award for “Up in the Air,” a Golden Globe for the same movie, and an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. His next film is a comedy-drama called “Young Adult,” starring Charlize Theron and Patrick Wilson. However, no start date has been set for the project.

In 2004, Reitman married writer and actress Michelle Lee. She became one of his co-writers for the film “Consent,” a 2004 comedy short that also starred her husband. It was a hit, garnering a nomination for a Golden Globe.

Before she departed from the public eye, Lee was a prolific guest actor on television shows. She starred in a pilot episode of a proposed CBS sitcom called The Michele Lee Show. Other television appearances include “Alias Smith and Jones,” “Marcus Welby, M.D.”, and “Night Gallery.” Her role in “The Love Bug” was a major turning point in her career. In addition, she appeared in a special television production of Roberta, in which she sang a song titled “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.”

Jason Reitman’s next film, “Young Adult,” stars Charlize Theron and Patrick Wilson. Reitman and his wife Michelle Lee will also appear in the film. According to Reitman, the script is the best he has ever written. He says it is about a first date that turns into a legal dispute.

He has also received a Grammy award and a Golden Globe award for his work. Reitman’s most famous work to date is his directorial debut, the 2007 comedy “Juno,” which won the Academy Award for Best Picture. While he is best known for his films, he has also done some work in the ad industry. During his time out of school, he worked in commercials.

Reitman has an interesting love life. His wife is Michele Lee, who is a singer, actress, and dancer. As of 2010, they have one daughter together. They have been separated for about a year. But, they plan to get back together.

In addition to “Young Adult,” Reitman is set to helm the upcoming Joyce Maynard novel Labor Day. He also has a live script reading program in LA. There are also rumors circulating that he is interested in directing an episode of “Son of the Beach,” a show Stern has offered him an opportunity to do. If this proves true, the two would be the first actors to do so in the genre.

Reitman is the son of movie mogul Ivan Reitman. Although Reitman has never been as successful as his father, he has had a great run of box office hits in 2007. He has also made several short films and starred in a few.

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