mila kunis in heels

Mila Kunis in Heels

If you haven’t heard of Mila Kunis you aren’t alone. Her film “Luckiest Girl Alive” has been making the rounds at awards ceremonies, galas and red carpet events. She even stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to get her mitts dirty in a celebrity interview. Besides being a Hollywood star, she’s also a fashion icon, as shown by her ensemble.

Mila Kunis has a penchant for teetering on the edge of controversy. While she has never been accused of sex or sexual assault, she has been the subject of a number of tabloid stings. However, she does appear to have a very solid sense of style, if not a sexy bod. As of late, she’s been sporting an elegant yet edgy array of dresses, skirts and pants. In fact, she’s worn a number of looks worthy of a fashion award show. The above outfit is a good example.

The best part of this look is that it is surprisingly affordable. Unlike many celebrity ensembles, you can wear this dress without breaking the bank. This is especially true if you buy a used one from eBay. Those lucky enough to catch a bargain are rewarded with a certificate of authenticity. You can even ship these beauties overseas, if you so choose. Besides, you can’t beat the price.

Despite a recent breakup with Macaulay Culkin, Kunis has been keeping it classy. Her latest collaboration with Louis Vuitton is a good indication that she still has some mojo in the closet. Previously, she’s strutted her stuff in Versace and Calvin Klein. Not to mention her numerous roles on the silver screen. From her role as Sarah Palin’s secretary in the 2006 romp ‘We Were Soldiers’ to her starring role in ‘Black Swan’ in 2011, Kunis seems to have her finger on the pulse of contemporary chic. On the bright side, the actor is also reportedly dating her longtime boyfriend Ryan Gosling. Hopefully this will last the distance.

While the best part of this look is that it is relatively low maintenance, the real draw is in the shoes. Mila Kunis hasn’t shied away from sporting high heels in the past, although she has opted for a more casual look in the past. Earlier this year, she donned a pair of black Casadei heels for the first time.

She’s also been spotted teetering on the edge on the big screen, most notably in the aforementioned “Luckiest Girl Alive” but you can count on her to be in the mix at the Oscars this year. For those who can’t wait, there’s a chance to see Kunis in the same dress at Comic-Con International in San Diego next month. After all, what’s better than a party where you can wear a great outfit and not have to worry about what the paparazzi will have to say about it?

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