Mitc New Leaf

MITC New Leaf

MITC has a program called the ‘A New Leaf’, which offers employment training for adults with disabilities. Founded in 1979, this program helps these employees obtain horticultural-related jobs. The program consists of two components, an online workshop and a classroom workshop. Each workshop lasts six hours.

MITC degrades through both biological and chemical mechanisms, with microbial degradation accounting for 50 to 80% of the total degradation rate at 20degC. In addition, repeated applications of MITC may accelerate the degradation process. However, the degradation rate varies by soil content and microbiota.

One game that requires coordination between the players is called the ‘Joget Balon Air’. This game requires the players to control the lomba and the balap karung. The ‘Kekompakan’ must control the lomba in a coordinated manner. A game of this type has many levels and is very challenging.

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