Mom Tricked By Son

Mom Tricked by Son to Get Him a Puppy

Whether you have children or not, you have probably heard the tale of the mom who was tricked by her son into speaking a blessing to her husband. Or, the tale of the son who impersonated his mom to get his dad a puppy.

Allexis was tricked into using a private mediator

Using a private mediator was a gimmick. It isn’t a miracle worker and the results aren’t as impressive as you would think. If you’re a dad, chances are you aren’t a good fit for any sort of family court mediation. In fact, the Family Court system in Los Angeles has been criticized for a lack of transparency, and a high rate of fraud. In short, the best case scenario is that your child ends up in the custody of the wrong parent, while the worst case scenario is that your kid gets ripped off to the other parent. In fact, the most recent report from the California Child Abuse Prevention Program says that 80% of the children who are ripped off in Family Court aren’t even in the system to begin with.

Jacob tricked his dad into speaking a blessing

Throughout the Old Testament there are several stories of deception. Jacob is one of them. He deceived his father into giving him a blessing instead of his brother Esau.

Jacob disguised himself as Esau and a goat. He brought the goat and dressed it in Esau’s workday clothing. Jacob then told his father that he would build a pillar to God. He also prophesied specific blessings. He promised that he would tithe all his future belongings to God.

Esau was enraged at the fact that Jacob had stolen his father’s blessing. He also threatened to kill Jacob. Nonetheless, Isaac blesses Jacob and his family.

In this story, Jacob’s actions are un-godly. The deception is not pure. However, if you are looking for a true story of deception in the Bible, this is the story to look for.

Esau’s lack of self-control is symptomatic of a larger problem

Despite Esau’s lack of self-control, his actions are indicative of a bigger problem for his mother. The law of primogeniture, which governed the inheritance of the boys, made it easy for Isaac to plan a scheme.

The Abrahamic covenant included three blessings: the Abrahamic preeminence, the personal prosperity of each son, and the protection of God. These blessings were to be a part of each of the sons’ lives, and the oldest would get special privileges.

Esau wanted to kill Jacob, so the younger brother left home. He then traveled to Canaan with his family. He spent the next twenty years traveling the land. During this time, he made a deal with Laban, the leader of the tribe of Ephraim, to serve him for six more years.

Impersonating mom to trick dad into getting a puppy

Apparently, Noah Ley was able to convince his dad to get a puppy by impersonating his mother on WhatsApp. The story started when Noah nabbed his mother’s phone while she was doing some housework. He started a conversation with his dad, and the rest is history. He got his father to buy a new puppy named Lulu. His family is now extremely excited about their new dog. His parents are impressed by his antics.

When he realized that his dad was thinking about buying another puppy, he told him that he was going to have to get one for the family. He then pressed him to get one and told him that the kids were crying because of the puppy. Kevyn Ley was over the moon about the idea and was ready to adopt the puppy.

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