Monsters Inc Best Friend Quotes

Monsters, Inc. Best Friend Quotes

In the Pixar film Monsters, Inc., two unlikely friends are matched together. They are both sweet and lovable, and they teach us the importance of friendship. These best friend quotes are some of the most memorable moments in the film. These two adorable creatures are an example for us all.

Sulley is a blue monster that specializes in scaring children. He’s a gentle giant, but he can be extremely intimidating to the human world. Meanwhile, Mike Wazowski, a human who works for Sulley, is Sulley’s station runner and coach on the scare floor. He’s charming and more organized than Sulley, and he’s dating a young woman named Celia Mae.

Mike and Sulley have a special bond because they are the best friends monsters can have. The relationship between them was first forged at a young age. It took them a few months to become best friends, but they managed to find a way to make their friendship last.

In the movie Monsters, Inc., Sulley is the top scarer. He accidentally releases a little girl from his factory. He tries to bring her home, but to no avail. The little girl ends up escaping into Monstropolis. This is when Sulley’s best friend, Mike Wazowski, comes to save the day. Once the other monsters find the girl, chaos ensues. Mike and Sulley manage escape with the girl just in time for the Child Detection Agency to arrive.

Despite the great love between these two, it’s hard to find a monster who can stand up to Sulley. Nevertheless, the friendship between these two creatures is so special that the film has become a hit with children. It has inspired many quotes for children, which we can all quote to show our love for our monster friends.

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