Mtg Best Sultai Commanders

MtG Best Sultai Commanders

Mimeoplasm is a standout among the Sultai commanders. Mimeoplasm is a five-mana ooze. It exiles two creatures from the graveyard of a player and then enters as a copy. Each creature it exiles gains +1/+1 counters. The creature has an unblockable 2/2 stat and an untap ability, so it can help you deal with creatures that try to escape your control.

Sultai commanders are different in their strengths and weaknesses. The choice of which one to use for your deck will depend on the strategy you’re trying. Many commanders emphasize the graveyard as a key part of their strategy. However, the first three Commanders emphasize different types of counters.

Brokkos: Brokkos is a large, mutate creature with great versatility. It can be played alone or on top of another creature. Its mutate cost allows it to be cast directly from the graveyard. It can be difficult to get rid of, so it is best to use a 99-card deck.

Xander: Although Xander may not be the best commander of all decks, he makes a great choice as a goodstuff commander. Xander has high-quality cards and can keep them in his hand. But many of these lists do not last long after the initial hype.

Tasigur: Tasigur is another great commander who can self-mill. He makes good use of cards in his graveyard. While he doesn’t have the same effects as Sidisi, Tasigur is still a good choice because he only costs one mana to play.

The Mari-supported tribe doesn’t have much wincons, except for black combo pieces. But the Marionette Master and Tinybones, Trinket Thief can get the job done in late-game. They can also be paired with drain combo cards. These cards make a great combination for any MtG deck.

It can be difficult to choose a color for a commander. A player can only include cards that are from the commander’s colour identity in their deck. Different colors have different card types. As the commander of a deck, a commander must make a strategic choice.

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