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Married at First Sight – Myrla Feria Reveals Father’s Murder

Myrla Feria married Gil Cuero on Season 13 of Married at First Sight in late 2021. They quickly became fan favorites as they went on a roller coaster journey. But they soon decided to get a divorce.

Myrla was a self-described leadership coach who knew the value of having a partner. She wanted to find someone who would share her passion for leadership and be a great friend. She also knew that the right person could make her happy.

In the first few weeks of their relationship, Myrla and Gil spent a lot of time with their families and friends. It was clear that they were both very different people. Myrla liked to travel and spend money on luxury items, while Gil was more budget-conscious.

While their personalities complemented each other, Myrla and Gil didn’t always agree on the finer things in life. She enjoyed shopping and spending on designer clothes, while Gil thought it was best to save up for a house and start a family.

But their differences weren’t just a matter of lifestyle. Myrla’s hesitancy to reveal her father’s death was also a source of friction between the couple.

Myrla and Gil were very private with their interactions during their MAFS season, but it appears that Myrla is able to open up more after the show ended. She shared the story of how her father was murdered with her husband in a recent episode.

Despite her initial hesitancy to discuss the story, Myrla eventually revealed that her father was killed by her step-sister. It’s a heartbreaking story that both Myrla and her husband have to deal with.

Her husband is not only shocked by her revelation, but he’s also upset about the fact that she didn’t tell him about her father’s death earlier on in their marriage. He said, “I just can’t believe you haven’t told me the story of your father’s murder.”

His reaction led viewers to question the story that Myrla has been telling on MAFS. Fans questioned why she didn’t bring up her father’s murder sooner and whether or not she and Gil were really going to end up together.

While Myrla and Gil’s chemistry is a source of tension in the season, it’s a good sign that they’re more compatible than many of the other couples on MAFS. In the reunion episode, they re-connected with family members and learned more about each other.

Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero’s journey to love on Married at First Sight was a roller coaster ride that led to a split. Myrla told host Kevin Frazier that Gil lied to her about several things after they decided to stay married on Decision Day. She also said that she hasn’t spoken to him since they broke up, but he is still living in her home.

While Myrla and Gil have moved on with their lives, some of the other couples who made it to the end of this season have found themselves on a similar path. Some of these couples have already been reunited and are now happily married, while others have recently started their own families.

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