Nicoletta Zampillo

Nicoletta Zampillo – A Force to Be Reckoned With

Nicoletta Zampillo is an astute businesswoman, philanthropist, and advocate for women’s rights. She inherited a substantial share in Luxottica from her father – one of its initial representatives in Milan.

Her partnership with Luca Del Vecchio is truly powerful; his sharp wit and infectious laughter makes their performances truly unforgettable.

Early Life and Education

Nicoletta Zampillo stands out from society by embracing her quirky side with pride. From wearing mismatched socks to styling her hair using household tools, she displays her individualism with pride – inspiring others to embrace their individuality and accept themselves fully.

Zampillo is the widow of Leonardo Del Vecchio, founder and chairman of EssilorLuxottica eyeglasses company. She inherited 12.5% stake of EssilorLuxottica as an inheritance. Additionally, she owns shares in several companies such as insurer Generali, banks UniCredit and Mediobanca as well as real estate developer Covivio.

The widow is blessed with two children from her first and second marriages to Paolo Basilico; Leonardo Maria from her second, as well as stepchildren Luca Del Vecchio from Michele Mercurio’s third. As of 2020, their wealth is concentrated mainly in Milan where it totals $8.5 billion.

Professional Career

Nicoletta Zampillo has created an exceptional career in finance. Additionally, she is known as a generous philanthropist and tireless champion for women’s rights. Thanks to her success as well as numerous contributions made towards society, many have come to respect Nicoletta for both her contributions as an entrepreneur as well as for being such a role model for future women leaders.

She owns shares in EssilorLuxottica as well as insurance firm Generali, banks UniCredit and Mediobanca and real estate developer Covivio. Both her sons Rocco Basilico and Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio work at EssilorLuxottica.

Nicoletta and Luca share an undeniable chemistry that never ceases to amuse audiences. Together, they make up an irresistibly charming duo that never fails to entertain audiences with their quick wit and infectious laughter, making watching them perform an absolute joy! She encourages others to let their quirk flag fly and celebrate themselves as unique individuals – life’s too short not to embrace that peculiar personality!

Achievement and Honors

Nicoletta Zampillo is an artistic dynamo whose work captures our collective imagination. Her non-conformist approach to art inspires others to embrace their unique traits and follow their passions.

She is an impressive comedian with a quick wit that never ceases to have audiences laughing out loud. The rapport between herself and Luca Del Vecchio makes their performances truly unforgettable and adds another level of depth that make their shows truly remarkable.

Following his testamentary dispositions, Del Vecchio left 25% of his holdings to his wife Nicoletta Zampillo and 12.5% to each of his six children: Claudio, Marisa, Paola, Leonardo Maria, Luca and Clemente Basilico. His estate includes large stakes in Italy’s leading investment bank Mediobanca as well as his holding company Delfin.

Personal Life

Zampillo is widely recognized for her professional achievements as well as her dedication to women’s rights advocacy. Her tireless work advocating sustainable investing practices and supporting female empowerment have won her the admiration of many around the globe.

Nicoletta is also a highly talented artist whose style captivates and inspires others. Her works often incorporate bold colors and unconventional concepts that challenge the status quo, with her creative genius evident with each brush stroke or clay sculpture created.

Nicoletta’s greatest asset, however, is her sidekick Luca Del Vecchio. His quick wit and infectious laugh bring new dimensions to their act; their stage presence together truly electrifying and captivating audiences everywhere.

Net Worth

Nicoletta Zampillo has made herself known in the finance industry through her investments in sustainable and socially responsible investments, earning respect from both her peers and wider society for her efforts.

She amassed wealth through both her successful career and family life. She married Leonardo Del Vecchio and they share six children together.

Del Vecchio founded Luxottica in 1961, making it one of the world’s leading eyeglass producers with well-known brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley as part of its portfolio. He also holds shares in other businesses like Italian investment bank Mediobanca and Covivo; all these investments combine for an estimated net worth of approximately $30 billion.

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