Nike Hoodie Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Wears a Nike Hoodie and AF1s For the Oscars

Justin Bieber’s (JB) clothing line is more than just bikinis and t-shirts. In fact, the singer wore an impressive array of industry mates while in Los Angeles for the Oscars last month. One of the better outfits he showed up in included a custom embroidered white Nike x Asics trainer. Similarly, JB’s signature blue denim jeans were accompanied by a matching Craig Green suit and some nice brown Vans. This ensemble was the epitome of sexy and sexy alike.

JB also threw in the aforementioned t-shirt, a hoodie and the aforementioned AF1s. The best part about all of these ensembles is that they are all made in America. That’s right – Justin Bieber’s shirts are not manufactured offshore. And as a result, the quality is unmatched. It’s no wonder he has an entourage of a few hundred stylists, makeup artists and hairstylists. Moreover, his ability to secure top designer pieces is a key selling point.

What’s not to like about the guy? He’s a stud and he’s certainly not one to miss out on the good times. For instance, he flew to Paris to celebrate his birthday in style. He also took the time to sport a number of other blinged out outfits while there. Among them were an Isabel Marant branded fleece and a pair of AF1s to match. Also on display was a snazzy looking set of diamond encrusted pearl earrings. So he’s not just a star on stage, he’s an icon off it. Clearly, he’s more of a chameleon than most of us.

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