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Pam Daniel is a Multidisciplinary Designer and Educator

Pam is an award-winning multidisciplinary designer and educator, speaking at events like Technori, Chicago Ideas Week and ORDcamp. Additionally, she loves collaborating with local manufacturers as well as teaching design.

As a child, she visited her uncle’s farm in Wyoming. While there, she asked to ride his horse. When her uncle denied it, she took it anyway.

Early Life and Education

Pam hails from Missouri and attended the University of Washington. As an organizer for political campaigns both locally and in New York City – including Senator Mark Kelly’s re-election campaign and Democratic National Committee campaigns – as well as co-writing and directing a musical with her twin sister as well as teaching a civil rights and race relations program at an NYC public high school, she has experience in multiple capacities.

Jillian has more than 15 years of experience working in government and the nonprofit sector on public engagement, operations strategy and planning issues. She served as Policy Director for Michelle Obama’s voting rights organization When We All Vote and Child Care Aware of America – two advocacy organizations for quality early learning. Jillian also sits on state advisory boards for early child development in Oregon and California.

Professional Career

Playboy Playmate of the Month for February 1990 and became a fixture on its cover, eventually appearing more times than any other model. She gained international fame through starring in Baywatch television series as well as writing the foreword to Playboy coffee table book Playboy’s Greatest Covers coffee table book.

Pam McDaniel is an Associate Professor at Western State University in Cedar Crest, Pennsylvania where she specializes in acting, directing and Shakespeare. Her directing credits include Major Barbara, Sweeney Todd and City of Angels as well as many new plays such as Two Nights Near Doolin. Pam is a regular speaker on women’s empowerment issues; teaching management techniques to female entrepreneurs in developing countries as well as assertiveness training techniques to corporate executives.

Achievement and Honors

Pam overcame violence and racism to become one of the first African American action heroes in films. Additionally, she worked to help animals, particularly horses. Pam rescued many horses that she nursed back to health at home – and continues doing so today by raising hay for them!

She is a frequent presenter at Technori, Chicago Ideas Week and ORDcamp; has published articles in Design Engine, Modern Luxury Interiors, Yanko Design and Core77 magazines;

Pam earned a master of science degree in product design and development management from Northwestern University and holds a bachelor’s from Tufts University. Pam was chosen by the senior class of 2017 to give their final lecture; an honor she remains proud to celebrate today. Additionally, she serves as clinical assistant professor at Penn GSE.

Personal Life

Pam loves making, whether that means creating quick fixes for clients or taking on more ambitious innovation projects. Her expertise lies in laser cutting, 3D printing and milling technologies – as well as giving talks at Technori and Chicago Ideas Week or engaging parents during Family Weekend lectures.

Pam’s health issues are having a devastating effect on her personal life. Recently, due to complications from another operation on her heart, she was forced to postpone surgery on a complete aorta replacement and must now wait another month or more before having it performed.

Pam Crum Daniel and Remer Crum Daniel have three children together. Additionally, Pam is blessed with six grandchildren. Public records reveal that she lives in Oak Park, Illinois. Pam places great value in spending time with her family, enjoying attending their soccer and baseball matches as often as possible.

Net Worth

Pam has appeared in multiple TV shows and movies, such as Pat Fletcher in BBC drama series Clocking Off and Laura Thyme on ITV crime thriller show Rosemary & Thyme. Additionally, she has made appearances on numerous talk-shows.

She is an animal rights activist, working closely with organizations such as Viva! The Vegan Charity and PETA. Additionally, she has performed extensive work in philanthropy.

She owns and lives in a luxury house in Malibu and owns and sold another Vancouver home, showing her real estate skills. She loves luxurious cars such as her white Jaguar XK convertible. Furthermore, she’s passionate about animals, owning two golden retrievers named Star and JoJo.

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