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Paul Dembow – The Arc of Justice Bends

The moral universe may be long, but its path toward justice bends toward Paradise Valley, Arizona’s Brown family. They recently found out how powerfully that moral arc has bent in their favor.

Howard Brown was walking his dog along Invergordon Road when Paige Dembow struck him with her vehicle and caused severe injury. Following this event, Howard’s family filed a claim against Paradise Valley Town and all involved police officers in relation to this investigation.

Early Life and Education

Paul Dembow was raised on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona. While in college he obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics. It was during this period when Paul discovered his love of music and began to pursue it actively.

He took to DJ Boyo, working alongside other producers, to produce experimental beats which helped shape and pioneer this genre. While urbano communities initially disapproved, quickly enough the movement caught fire and took root.

Nando Boom’s rendition of Shabba Ranks’ “Promision” inspired the iconic boom-ch-boom-chick dembow beat that powers virtually every reggaeton track today. His riddim became an immediate worldwide phenomenon and led to an ongoing rivalry with El Mayor Clasico for control of street dembow scenes worldwide.

Professional Career

LITE quickly made his mark in the street dembow scene and established himself as an influential artist. His music fuses diverse cultural influences into compelling sonic tapestries that appeal to a wide array of audiences.

Howard Brown was walking his dog in the Town of Paradise Valley when he was struck and killed by Paige Dembow’s car, according to reports from his family. They filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Dembow as well as Hovorka and Garrity as individuals responsible.

They claim that Dembow received preferential treatment from officers and hindered their investigation, as she was found guilty of possessing drug paraphernalia in March 2015 but her probation ended 18 months later when the court designated it a misdemeanor conviction.

Achievement and Honors

Justice finally took its course after 12 long years for Judith and Elizabeth Brown when their hometown councilman administered a severe electoral defeat.

Paige Dembow was driving when she struck Howard Brown as he walked his dog near Invergordon and Horse Shoe roads in 2015. Unfortunately, this fatal collision resulted in Brown’s death.

Police interviewed Paige after the crash and later determined she did not act criminally, yet The Browns contend she received preferential treatment by police and they were denied an opportunity to question her in an equal fashion with other drivers involved in it. Furthermore, body-worn video shows officers speaking directly with Paige and her father at the scene of the accident.

Personal Life

After selling his family’s manufacturing company in 2016, Mr. Dembow is an extremely successful entrepreneur with multiple financial interests and his own brand consulting business. Over lunch with us, he shared how his world view had an influence over his interpretation of a municipal document.

He was speaking about his daughter Paige Dembow who fatally struck and killed 77-year-old pedestrian, leading to an incidental wrongful death lawsuit being brought by her widow and adult children against Paige, her father, the Town of Paradise Valley and officers Hovorka and Garrity.

During their trial, Dembow’s unrelated conviction was brought up as evidence for impeachment by the Browns based on Arizona Rule 609(c). But the court rejected their argument because she pled guilty and completed her probationary period so it qualified as misdemeanor status.

Net Worth

El Alfa’s musical achievements aside, El Alfa has also dabbled in business by founding his own record label and clothing line inspired by his unique style – all ventures which have contributed greatly to his net worth.

Paige Dembow, 20, of Paradise Valley was driving on November 15, 2015 when she struck Howard Brown while walking his dog along Invergordon and Horse Shoe roads near Invergordon and Horse Shoe roads and fatally struck him. Brown died and his surviving family has requested an investigation and claim the Town of Paradise Valley has shown partiality towards Dembow in dealing with her case.

Music theorists typically describe Dembow rhythm as a four-on-the-floor percussive loop with three cross rhythms of 3+3+2 which features syncopations on every other half beat, creating its characteristically propulsive heartbeat of reggaeton — and its influence has spread around the world in countless forms of modern dance music.

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