Pier One Wedding Registry

Places to Get Married in Sydney – Pier One

One of the best places to get married in Sydney is Pier One. Built on an old finger wharf structure, the venue blends the historical with the modern in spades. The venue has two wedding venues to choose from, including Water @ Pier One, which boasts of a spectacular water view and a plethora of wedding packages. Whether you’re looking for a beach or city wedding, Pier One has you covered.

Pier One may be a stone’s throw from Circular Quay, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be stuck in traffic. In fact, the venue’s nifty little elevator is a boon for guests who don’t have cars. The building even has a surprisingly robust bike share program, which is a fun twist on the classic commute. The site is also a five minute drive from the CBD and the Harbour Bridge.

Of course, while the building might be on your list of places to get married in Sydney, there are more pressing matters to worry about. This includes a potential fire hazard. But the good news is that the venue offers multiple evacuation routes. Plus, with a bit of planning, your guests will enjoy a seamless transition to their accommodations.

The site is also a great venue to hold your rehearsal dinner. If you can’t bear to leave your guests in the lurch, Pier One’s onsite chefs can whip up a feast. Unlike the rest of the city, Pier One’s dining options aren’t overly expensive, making it the perfect place to pregame for the night’s festivities. The venue also boasts a variety of accommodation options, from budget friendly suites to high-end luxury properties. If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, the venue’s lawns are just right for a picnic. And it’s not uncommon to see free art exhibitions and other public events taking place on the property.

A tidbit of trivia is that Pier One’s website is actually more user-friendly than its brick and mortar counterparts. The site offers a rewards program, in which you can earn free swag by completing tasks. For instance, if you make a purchase in the store, you’ll earn a discount or a free gift card to be applied to your future purchase.

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