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The Playboy Puzzle

At the tail-end of the 1960s, Playboy began publishing puzzle versions of magazine centerfolds; these covers became so wildly popular that Hugh Hefner displayed them prominently throughout his Playboy mansion.

Connie Kreski won Miss January 1968 and this puzzle features her can, label and finished product which measures 19″x19″. Rated “Hard”, dexterity and spatial understanding will be required to solve it successfully.

Early Life and Education

Alexander Magyarics created this puzzle as an exercise in dexterity and spatial understanding, using Padauk pieces that fit precisely into an Oak diamond-shaped frame for maximum impact and visual interest. The result? An outstanding, eye-catching puzzle sure to delight any Playboy fan!

At the tail-end of the swinging 60s, Playboy introduced jigsaw-style versions of its magazine centerfolds as puzzles. Popular Playmates such as DeDe Lind and Gwen Wong could be found featured on these puzzles; fans and collectors enjoyed them immensely; even Hugh Hefner displayed one in his mansion!

Will Shortz took over as puzzle editor of The New York Times in 1993 with an aim of making its puzzle younger by publishing more constructors in their twenties and thirties, and favoring clues with modern sensibility by forgoing references to Greek prefixes or ancient arcana in favor of references to sitcoms or snack food brands.

Professional Career

Playboy began printing puzzle versions of magazine centerfolds during the 1960s. These unique jigsaw puzzles became immensely popular among fans and collectors, including former resident of Playboy Mansion Hugh Hefner himself. DeDe Lind, Gwen Wong and Connie Kreski’s photos also graced these puzzles as part of this popular trend.

Playboy puzzles feature a Padauk frame with four diamond-shaped Oak pieces inlaid, each one requiring dexterity and spatial comprehension for optimal play. Designed by Alexander Magyarics, these puzzles can also make for an eye-catching display and make an ideal present for anyone who enjoys a challenging mind game!

Achievement and Honors

Playboy Magazine quickly made waves when they started featuring puzzles on its covers, quickly becoming popular among fans and collectors alike. Hugh Hefner himself would display these delightful brainteasers throughout his home; some limited-edition packs designed by Alexander Magyarics require spatial comprehension as well as dexterity in order to fit Padauk pieces into its diamond-shaped Oak frame – this puzzle requires both spatial comprehension and dexterity in order to solve it successfully!

eBay currently has many vintage Playboy centerfold puzzles up for sale, such as 1967 Gwen Wong and 1969 Connie Kreski models. You may also come across one from 1968 Britt Frederickson still sealed and in excellent condition – studies suggest jigsaw solving can be beneficial to health; so treat yourself to an afternoon spent piecing these gorgeous masterpieces together!

Personal Life

At the tail-end of the swinging 1960s, Playboy magazine began publishing puzzle versions of its centerfold photos. Many of the hottest Playmates of that era such as DeDe Lind and Gwen Wong made appearances on these limited edition brainteasers; Hugh Hefner himself displayed many in his Playboy mansion.

Alexander Magyarics designed this engaging puzzle to test both dexterity and spatial comprehension skills. Four Padauk pieces must fit snugly into an Oak frame while maintaining constant length for all four edges and sides of each piece – with enough practice, you will quickly be able to solve this challenging problem!

This centerfold puzzle of Miss January 1968 Connie Kreski features all pieces still inside her tin can (some wear to lid). A great gift idea for any Playboy enthusiast!

Net Worth

Hugh Hefner amassed a fortune during the Playboy magazine’s peak period during the 1970s. However, its sales began declining rapidly and stock price losses left Hefner’s empire struggling for survival.

Playboy introduced puzzle versions of its magazine centerfolds during the late ’60s; these jigsaw puzzles featured DeDe Lind, Gwen Wong and Connie Kreski as playmates on them.

Still available online are vintage Playboy centerfold jigsaw puzzles from 1968, such as this 1968 piece featuring Miss Britt Frederickson in her Can. Both jigsaw and Can are in good condition, and some studies indicate jigsawing may help your brain. That could be enough justification for spending an afternoon doing one – though let’s be honest here: it’s also plenty of fun – who knows, maybe even meet another Playboy fan along the way.

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