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Howard Hewett – American R&B Soul Singer

Howard Hewett is an iconic R&B soul singer renowned for his smooth vocals. A member of the popular Shalamar group, Hewett is also revered as an R&B solo artist.

Hewett first married Rainey Riley Cunningham and they shared two daughters together before marrying Mari Molina but divorcing later that same year.

Early Life and Education

Howard Hewett was born in Cambria, Wisconsin to Jeff and Linda Cunningham and attended college at University of Wisconsin Madison to study geology; however, later he decided he wanted to be an entertainer instead. Now a biracial singer-songwriter musician.

Hewett has been married four times throughout his lifetime and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. His first marriage, to Rainey Riley-Cunningham Hewett, resulted in two daughters named LaKiva Siani and Rainey Daze before divorcing in 1983. Mari Molina followed in 1986 but they divorced the following year. Nia Peeples became his fifth spouse; together they produced Christopher Hewett who appeared in Hewett’s music video for “Show Me.” His final union was with Angela Bloom-Hewett but they separated by 2001 before divorcing again by 2012.

Hewett has thirteen grandchildren.

Professional Career

Hewett transferred to East Carolina University as a mid-year transfer from JC Pensacola as a sophomore… Joined ECU program as starting strong safety in new coordinator David Blackwell and position coach Daric Riley’s revamped offensive scheme… Recorded 13 tackles against James Madison, USF Temple UCF; earned four solo stops against each. Also recorded two pass breakups on March 17 against ECU Purple-Gold Game one week later…

Hewett was married twice during his lifetime and had children from each marriage. His first wife was Rainey Riley-Cunningham; together they had two daughters before divorcing in 1983. Later he married Mari Molina but they divorced a few years later due to unknown reasons. Finally he later married actress/singer Nia Peeples with whom they had Christopher Eugene Howard Hewett as their only child.

Achievement and Honors

Rainey was known for her energetic voice and captivating presence, earning her the moniker “Mother of the Blues”. Additionally, she was an accomplished businesswoman; owning multiple theaters. Rainey was one of the primary forces responsible for developing blues music; Bob Dylan even mentioned her as one of two artists he held up as symbols of great art in his 1965 album Highway 61 Revisited!

Begun in Columbus, Georgia minstrel shows, she joined a troupe called Alabama Fun Makers Company as a black comedian in 1904 before later becoming part of Rabbit Foot Minstrels with husband Will Rainey.

Riley Paige Seib of Mishicot, Wisconsin. Riley serves as an inspirational role model in Theatre Arts class and brings with her an extensive range of knowledge that she brings to her projects.

Personal Life

Howard Hewett, an American R&B singer known for his smooth vocals and soulful ballads, has been married twice in his life and has children from both marriages. Currently residing in Los Angeles California with mixed race parentage he currently calls his home.

Hewett first made his mark as a dancer on Soul Train television show before joining Shalamar as their lead vocalist – an ensemble that became widely-appreciated, making Hewett well-known for his music.

Hewett was first married to Rainey Riley-Cunningham, with whom he has two daughters. Mari Molina became his second spouse but the marriage ended soon thereafter; Hewett later married actress/singer Nia Peeples who gave him one more child before parting ways again in 1993 after appearing in his music video for “Show Me.”

Net Worth

Howard Hewett is a well-recognized American singer and songwriter best known for his soulful ballads. With an enormous fan following, Hewett is considered to be one of the finest R&B singers. According to estimates, Hewett reportedly earns a significant income as an R&B musician.

Hewett has been married twice and has two daughters from each marriage. He first tied the knot with Rainey Riley-Cunningham in 1977 and had two daughters named LaKiva Siani and Rainey Daze before they parted ways in 1983. Shortly afterwards he found himself engaged to Mari Molina whom he eventually wed in 1986.

Hewett married actress/singer Nia Peeples with whom he had his son Christopher Eugene Hewett born in 1989. Later they divorced, and Hewett later married Angela Bloom-Hewett with whom he has one daughter Anissa.

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