Rebecca Daniels

Rebecca Daniels – Podiatrist, Author, and Teacher

Rebecca Daniels is a Board-Certified Podiatrist providing routine to complex podiatric medical and surgical care to children from pediatric age through geriatric care, in Bolton North Carolina and beyond. Additionally, Rebecca serves on the pastoral staff at Greens Chapel Missionary Baptist Church and holds membership at this congregation.

Her memoir, Finding Sisters (Sunbury Press, Fall 2021), details how DNA testing and traditional genealogical research allowed her to locate two half-sisters and other relatives who were given up for adoption at birth.

Early Life and Education

Rebecca Daniels is an MA Character Education student and elementary school teacher. In her blog posts she chronicles her experiences in character education in hopes that it will benefit students, schools and the wider community.

As of 2014, she has been serving on the Sidney Nolan Trust board and curating Transferences: Sidney Nolan in Britain at Pallant House Gallery. Additionally, she has written articles on Francis Bacon’s art as well as working on an article about his materials for Getty Conservation Institute publication.

She is passionate about advocating for babies, children and young people (BCYP) ensuring they can remain within their communities alongside peers at home, schools/hospices with the appropriate community nursing support in place. She chairs the UK Community Children’s Nursing (CCN) Network as well as serving as part time project lead for CCN projects.

Personal Life

Rebecca Daniels has written numerous scholarly books on art and genealogy, served as lecturer, consultant and lecturer in both fields, cataloged Francis Bacon’s works since 2007 and will publish her next book “Finding Sisters” through Sunbury Press in 2021.

She holds academic credentials as well as being a member of the N-C Extension Homemakers Association Incorporation and is a retired school teacher. Additionally, she is mother to Andria Lang and Francis Daniels as well as their respective grandchildren Kevin, Zachary, Marcia; an ardent niece in Cecelia Williams as a care giver; plus many supportive friends.

Her hobbies include reading, photography, learning and internet surfing. She is also passionate about animal welfare and active member of her church community.

Professional Career

Rebecca Daniels taught performance, writing, and public speaking in liberal arts universities from 1992-2015. Additionally, she directed many professional Portland theatre companies during this period. Recently she has begun studies towards earning a Master of Character Education with hopes that these studies can benefit not only herself and her students but also the school and its surrounding community.

Rebecca is a qualified paediatric nurse with 22 years’ experience, currently working within East London children’s community nursing services as a community children’s matron. She is passionate about making sure babies, children and young people with health needs can integrate into their communities alongside their peers.

She assists both Real Estate and Corporate teams with planning and environmental aspects of acquisitions/dispositions, such as drafting planning conditionality clauses into agreements for lease/sale, as well as negotiating environmental warranties in transactions. She frequently acts for local authorities and developers.

Achievement and Honors

Academic awards and honors can be an integral component of your resume, whether they represent top class performance, membership on an honor roll, or medal wins in competitions. They demonstrate your achievements as an illustrious student while adding weight to your application for higher education.

Rebecca played an unseen villainous role in Deadly Cheer Mom, joining forces with Liv to undermine Beth’s hopes of joining Carmel cheer squad. Rebecca created deepfakes portraying Beth and Deb as villains using Liv to cast them in such roles; when this revelation finally hit home for Beth, Rebecca denied everything while belittling Beth vociferously for not getting what was due her. Eventually Beth tracked Rebecca down at her house where Rebecca denied all allegations but still lashed out against Beth as she demanded what was due her. She insisted upon confrontation by Beth confronting Rebecca who denied everything while shouted in response.

Net Worth

Rebecca Daniels reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $6 Million. Her main source of income comes from acting roles she has performed in movies and TV series; earning significant earnings as well as signing lucrative brand agreements through work. Although Rebecca Daniels doesn’t openly talk about her wealth on social media posts, fans can see her wearing expensive apparel in social media posts she makes.

Beginning her acting career in New Orleans, Louisiana, she has since worked continuously as an actress. Starring in numerous Broadway and off-Broadway productions and teaching performance writing at liberal arts colleges; as well as directing with professional Portland theatre companies. She holds a BA in Theater from Tulane University.

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