Rich Gabriel

Rich Gabriel was an extraordinary individual, having persevered through intense hardship during his early years without succumbing to despair or becoming bitter. Instead, he accepted responsibility with grace, appreciating second chances in life, and upheld integrity above all.

He is one of the country’s foremost trial consultants and has worked on high-profile civil and criminal cases.

Early Life and Education

Gabriel experienced early hardship and loss. However, despite these trials he managed to accept them gracefully without losing sight of what mattered most in life – integrity and humor made him popular with those he knew well.

Gabriel was one of the founding members of MIT AI lab and instrumental in its development of Lisp. Additionally, he ported this integrated development environment onto Sun Microsystem’s SPARC computer hardware architecture platform.

Gabriel has had a profound effect on programming languages and software design. He has promoted interactions between computer science and other fields such as poetry and architecture. Furthermore, his writings on programming language design are widely read and debated.

Professional Career

Gabriel has been practicing law at boutique litigation firms for more than 10 years, representing defendants in high-profile cases such as a $1.5 billion Federal antitrust price-fixing case that garnered international coverage.

He maintains an active probate practice, offering services in guardianships, conservatorships and trust administration. Furthermore, his estate planning practice offers advice to clients regarding how best to distribute assets and property to future generations.

He currently sits on the Colorado Supreme Court after being appointed by Governor John Hickenlooper to replace Justice Gregory Hobbs, and serves on the boards of WindGap Medical and Predictive Oncology where he serves as site leader of TumorGenesis Inc. – one of its wholly owned subsidiaries which builds discovery tools that mirror patients’ actual tumors for use in cancer therapy research.

Achievement and Honors

Gabriel has published and patent numerous academic publications and patents, including an award-winning paper co-authored with a doctoral student and winning first place at the 12th annual Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium.

Gabriel became widely-known after winning a National Book Award nomination for Diving into the Wreck; her work soon become widely read as she explored political and social distress through poetry. Even while suffering from Hodgkin’s disease, Gabriel never gave up fighting!

Gabriel has displayed his art at Saratoga Thoroughbred Races since 1981, in both painting and drawing form. Additionally, his limited edition prints of sports cartoons for greeting card companies, jigsaw puzzle cos, newspapers and magazines can also be purchased. Furthermore, his humor often extends into humorous one-liners.

Personal Life

Rich Gabriel was an extraordinary individual with a kind and gentle spirit. He accepted responsibility, appreciated second chances and upheld integrity to its highest degree. Rich was a dedicated husband to his family as well as an invaluable friend to many.

He was also an accomplished artist, having shown with the ’43 Group’ and having exhibited locally. His forte lay in depicting local scenes and people. Additionally, he became well-known sculptor.

Gabriel was appointed by Governor John Hickenlooper to the Colorado Supreme Court, succeeding Justice Gregory Hobbs, replacing him. Prior to being judged himself, Gabriel worked at Holme Roberts & Owen specializing in general complex and commercial litigation before later becoming an associate at Shea & Gould.

Net Worth

Gabriel Iglesias has amassed immense wealth from his acting career. Investing in real estate, entertainment and cars have contributed significantly to his fortune.

He has also started expanding into other aspects of show business, starting a YouTube channel and acting in various TV shows and films.

His latest film, Magic Mike XXL, has been an immense success and will likely increase his net worth exponentially. Additionally, he hosts his own comedy series and two stand-up comedy specials; plus has clothing line that adds even further wealth.

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