Rich Hill Net Worth

Rich Hill Net Worth

Rich Hill is one of the most popular American baseball players. He has an estimated net worth of $15 million and earns about $5 million per year. Hill has made his fortune through his baseball career and is ranked as one of the most wealthy Baseball Players. His net worth has grown with his popularity as a player.

He is also an actor

The documentary Rich Hill is about three teenage boys who live in a small Missouri town. It was made over the course of 20 months, and co-directors Andrew Droz Palermo and Tracy Droz Tragos follow the kids as they struggle to cope with life on the “wrong side of the tracks.” The film’s intimate feel allows viewers to connect with the characters, as well as with the filmmakers.

He is in a marital relationship with a nurse

Rich Hill is married to a nurse, Caitlin McClellan. They married on November 11, 2007 and have two sons. Unfortunately, one of their sons, Brooks, passed away when he was two months old. Rich Hill continues to post photos of the family on his social media accounts.

He is worth between $1 million – $5 million

Rich Hill’s career has been a roller coaster, and it seems like he’s never had a consistent level of success. However, he was very effective in September and put himself in position for a big contract. While he’s not a top starter in the big leagues, Hill’s emergence is enough to justify a high price tag for his services.

He has been arrested for public disorder in 2007

In 2007, Rich Hill has been arrested for public disorder. Police say that the free agent pitcher and his wife Caitlin A. were arrested for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. However, the charges were later dropped. Caitlin was ordered to leave the stadium, but did not comply.

He has a contract extension worth $48 million

The Los Angeles Dodgers have signed Rich Hill to a three-year, $48 million contract extension. The 37-year-old pitcher has pitched in parts of 12 major league seasons for 10 different organizations. Rich Hill’s contract is worth nearly half a million dollars per season, so he is worth his money. However, Hill is an injury risk.

He has a good body measurements

Rich Hill has good body measurements and is a fit and athletic player. He is a father to two sons and is married to Caitlin McClellan, a nurse. The couple married in November 2007 and have two children together. Unfortunately, their first child, Brooks, passed away at two months of age from lissencephaly and congenital nephrotic syndrome. Despite this tragic event, Hill continues to upload pictures of his children and family on social media.

He is married to Caitlin McClellan

Caitlin McClellan is the wife of MLB pitcher Rich Hill. She was born on December 27, 1988 and is a registered nurse. Rich and Caitlin met while they were both attending Milton High School. Caitlin is an avid baseball fan and has been a part of her husband’s practices as catcher. They have one son, Brice.

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