Robert Luce

Robert Luce has an expansive personal injury practice. He is particularly recognized for his expertise in cases involving traumatic brain injuries.

He is widely respected as an authority in decision analysis, having published multiple books and articles in this field. Additionally, he holds leadership positions within professional service organizations including Society of Mathematical Psychology and Federation of Behavioral Psychological, and Cognitive Sciences.

Early Life and Education

John Henry R. Luce was born in Grosse Pointe, Michigan and attended Augusta Circle Elementary, Hughes Middle School and Greenville High. He was the son of Henry R. Luce who founded Time-Life Inc.

Early on in his life, he was fascinated with birds and would frequently visit bird nests around his hometown. Additionally, he enjoyed collecting insects as a hobby which inspired him to study biology.

In the 1940s, he began to focus more heavily on public affairs, with his publications taking on more of a political tone. He became intrigued with presidential politics, foreign policy and America’s place in the world. Mathematicians, anthropologists and China enthusiasts also became passionate followers; among his other passions were mathematics, anthropology and China studies – areas on which he published several books such as Handbook of Mathematical Psychology in 1963.

Professional Career

Robert B. Luce founded his own general book publishing house, Robert B. Luce Inc. He served on the editorial board of The New Republic as well as editing its book compilations; additionally, he served on Avon Lake City Council in Ohio.

He published three additional books between 1959 and 1963, such as the Handbook of Mathematical Psychology (1963). This volume covered mathematical thinking in five distinct areas of psychology: psychophysics of perception, decision making, probability theory, stochastic learning theory and social psychology.

Duke was an intimidating former Chicago cop and looked strikingly similar to John Shaft; he became a regular on Luce’s wrestling show where his presence would often help sell off sketchy local advertisers. Longtime wrestling player Moose Cholak with an accent rivaling that of Dennis Farina also frequented it regularly.

Achievement and Honors

Luce was trained and temperamentally inclined towards mathematics. Early in his career he criticized social scientists’ misuse of statistics in their studies – foreseeing by decades their replicability crisis. Luce also wrote or edited major handbooks as well as serving on committees and societies.

In the 1960s, his focus shifted toward fundamental questions of measurement with special attention paid to measuring psychological quantities such as loudness or value – these factors ultimately influence people’s behavioral and economic actions.

He was an active member of American Legion Post 211 and Avon Lake United Church of Christ, serving on several boards for Mighty Goliath Productions as well as founding board membership in Avon Lake Youth Foundation. He leaves behind Marilyn, his 59 1/2 year wife of marriage; their daughter Nancy Thompson (and husband Michel) as his surviving loved ones.

Personal Life

Robert Bonner Luce served in the Army Air Forces during World War II, publishing a troop newsletter. Following this time in service he established his own publishing company and later worked as book publishers in both New York and Washington; additionally he taught journalism at Florida Atlantic University.

Luce was an influential member of Avon Lake community, serving on its planning commission and public service committee as well as being chairman of Avon Lake City Council’s Special Health Committee and Pollution Committee.

He earned a stellar reputation as an expert in personal injury cases and handling those involving traumatic brain injuries, among other specialized matters. Additionally, Luce was an avid golfer. On November 29, Luce passed away at Heartland Nursing Home in Boca Raton, Florida.

Net Worth

No matter Luce’s intentions were, his bad or good faith reasons cannot justify the false certifications on V-forms. Furthermore, his background as an attorney and experience working for the SEC suggests that he understood their significance and implications; hence the Court finds he acted with sufficient scienter for liability under statute.

Jennifer Luce Reynolds of Boulder, Colo. and Jan Luce Nance of New York City are two daughters from his first marriage who remain. He leaves four grandsons and three great grandsons behind as well as being an accomplished watercolorist who held solo exhibits in both France and Westport, Connecticut, teaching Waltham High School one year prior to being laid to rest at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.

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