Rocking Horse Daycare Kingwood

Rocking Horse Day Care in Kingwood, Texas

When it comes to daycare, Rocking Horse Day Care is the king of the pack. The top notch facility is located at 21112 Royal Crossing Drive in Humble, Texas. You can contact them on their site or you can call and talk one on one. Their motto is the same: “Childcare at it’s best”. They even have the chutzpah to offer referral bonuses to their clients.

The company does a brisk business during the school year. The aforementioned quality care is accompanied by a healthy dose of parental involvement. Moreover, Rocking Horse is an industry leader in educating and enlightening parents and their offspring with the proper tools to be successful members of society. Among other amenities, the facility offers an onsite gym, a state-of-the-art swimming pool, and a slew of activities to keep ’em on the right track. This paired with a highly trained and nimble staff is what sets this daycare apart from the competition.

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