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Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

If you’re interested in reading a novel by Julia Quinn, you might want to start with her book Romancing Mister Bridgerton. This story is set in England and Georgia during the Regency period, with wit and sizzling scenes. You’ll feel as though you’re in the place of the characters.

The story is about a man who fell off a horse and fell in love with the woman who fell in love with him. It’s not as romantic as Jane Austen’s books, but it’s still a nice read.

The book starts out with a prologue, which explains the story. Penelope Featherington is a young woman who falls in love with Colin Bridgerton two days before her sixteenth birthday. She’s been with her sisters and mother in Hyde Park, but she’s not married yet. She’s known that her sister Prudence is never going to marry. Her friends often tell her that she should give up hope of finding a husband. But she knows that there are other men out there who will not be able to beat the heart of Colin Bridgerton.

The author of this novel is one of the most popular historical romance writers. You might recognize her name from books like The Ideal Bride, Devil’s Bride, or The Duke and I. In fact, her books have been popularly voted as one of the Top Ten Books of 2002 by the RITAs, which is considered the most prestigious award for romance writing.

The Bridgerton family is legendary. Eight siblings make up this group, including Colin Bridgerton. As his brother Anthony’s heir, Colin has had a role in running the estates and looking after the servants. And he has also managed the family’s finances. He has a talent for drawing, and his paintings hang in the National Gallery. However, he hasn’t gotten a proper wife, and it’s clear that he wants to find out who.

The book is filled with wit and family drama. Colin has an incredibly unromantic fall, but his good natured reaction to Penelope’s fall endears her to him. He’s not perfect, but he is charming.

Penelope tries to keep their romance under wraps, but it comes out in the end. Even her sisters aren’t quite as clueless as she thinks. One of them takes an interest in Colin and tries to get him to marry her. Another one is convinced that Colin isn’t interested in her.

Penelope tries to hide her secret from her mother, but her mother’s words aren’t the only thing that’s keeping her secrets. Earlier in the book, she’s been told by an old maid that she should give up on her dream of finding a husband if she’s close to her forty-year-old age. That’s why she hasn’t told her mother about her crush on Colin Bridgerton. Fortunately, she can finally confide in her brother and tell him all about her love.

Despite her fears, Penelope has to face her deepest secrets. What she discovers about Colin Bridgerton and his family will change her life.

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