Ronald Shear

Ronald Shear – Celebrating George Shearing’s Legacy

Shear Brass pays homage to Sir George Shearing by creating an ensemble that marries big band power with intimate ensemble. Their hard-swinging, melodic style showcases some of Britain’s top soloists.

Israel Englander co-founded Millennium Management with Ronald Shear in 1989, investing $35 million to grow it into an investment empire. Additionally, in 1977 he established a floor brokerage house he still holds as a minority stakeholder.

Early Life and Education

Ronald Shear was born approximately 1935 in Norton, Illinois and lived with his parents and sister until attending Norton High School before going on to University of Chicago for a Master of Public Policy degree. Subsequently he worked at Government Accountability Office (GAO) as an analyst leading evaluations on community economic development and Native American housing issues.

He is currently practicing social work in Oak Forest, IL for more than 35 years and boasts many positive reviews. Additionally, there is a patient portal on Healthgrades through which one can schedule an appointment online with him.

Professional Career

Ronald first entered the beauty industry in 1996 at a local hair salon, quickly demonstrating an aptitude for cosmetology and honing his craft. Following this initial experience, his passion intensified further and he decided to attend LIBS (Long Island Beauty School) where he furthered his knowledge and experience.

Later he worked for multiple salons in New York, honing his talents even further. Finally he established Fuzzion as his own hair salon in Manhattan.

Shear has repeatedly denied his operation harms the environment or poses safety threats to local residents, yet Waste Action Project has sued both him and Sterley several times, alleging they operate an illegal dumpsite. On January 15th, King County Code Enforcement issued Shear a stop work order should he continue clearing his property past what his permit allows.

Achievement and Honors

As Ron’s success and influence grew, so too did his commitment to giving back. He created a business management scholarship at his alma mater, the University of Lethbridge. It awards students who demonstrate academic excellence as well as community involvement.

He has received multiple awards from both the music industry and Alberta’s Blackfoot Nation, such as being bestowed the name Komahniisihnskii (meaning “Owner of Many Songs” in Blackfoot), an eagle feather headdress, and remaining in Lethbridge with Joyce to raise their two children.

Four researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory were honored with Laboratory Director’s Pathway to Excellence awards this year. Chemistry scientist Jordan Corbey received this recognition for advancing characterization techniques for actinide-containing compounds; systems engineer Gokul Iyer received this honor for modeling work involving interactions among energy, water, land and socioeconomic sectors; while materials scientist Jie Xiao received praise for merging material science and engineering expertise to enable transformational research on electrochemical energy storage devices.

Personal Life

Shear was not blessed with children of her own; however, her life was interwoven closely with that of her husband’s children and grandchildren: Talia and Justin Salis, Samantha Saltzman Richard Saltzman and Shalev Shear Fagen as well as Brooklyn and Sutton Singer – making her an amazing great-grandmother!

Shear currently resides in West Palm Beach, Florida and owns multiple real estate properties across Florida.

He is the founder of Millennium Management LLC, a global investment management firm established in 1989 after closing down Jamie Securities Co brokerage house. Beginning with $35 million initial capital investment and evolving over time to become a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Millennium Management fund also contributes generously to various charities like Ellsworth Kelly Foundation.

Net Worth

Israel Englander boasts an extraordinary net worth estimated at an astounding $11.3 billion. Most of his fortune was amassed through his investment management firm Millennium Management LLC which he co-founded with Ronald Shear in 1989.

Shear and Englander established the Company with initial capital of $35 million provided by Shear himself and $2 million from the Belzberg family. Although initially troubled by various issues, this multi-billion dollar enterprise eventually thrived.

Tiger Global recently experienced its worst month since 2008 during February this year, when its portfolio values saw a drastic reduction of 56% – this includes Brevan Howard and Tiger Cubs funds as well as Tiger Global itself.

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