Royal Blue Fascinator Hats

Royal Blue Fascinator Hats

Having a fascinator at your wedding can be a boon to your style quotient. This is especially true for women who have a flair for the dramatic. Unlike the plethora of garter belts and bra straps, a fascinator is a feisty piece of headgear that will get the crowd’s attention for all the right reasons. Unlike the Kentucky Derby hats of yore, a fascinator can be worn on both sides of the head. For those who want to go all out, a bespoke fascinator can be the ticket. For a reasonable fee, you can order your own.

Fascinators aren’t just for weddings. Throughout the ages, women have worn fascinators at other times and places. For instance, Princess Maxima of The Netherlands donned a fascinator at the wedding of Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg, and Princess Beatrice wore a fascinator during the Ladies Day of Royal Ascot. In fact, the queen reportedly wore a fascinator to the wedding of Prince William of Cambridge in 2007. This prompted an industry study, which reported that the number of women wearing fascinators has increased to an all time high.

While a fascinator may not be on everyone’s shopping list, it is certainly a worthy addition to any headgear collection. There are many types of fascinators ranging from the classic to the extravagant. The most expensive of which can cost a small fortune. For those on a budget, there are many online retailers who will custom design and fabricate a fascinator for you. Most reputable companies offer free shipping. The biggest drawback is that it can take months to receive your order. A fascinator is the perfect gift for any upcoming wedding, party or event.

The best way to decide on a fascinator is to go with a style that suits your individual head shape and personal taste. Some women prefer a more feminine hat, while others opt for a more demure hat. The royal blue and orange ribbon side perching hat is a beautiful choice. The most expensive of the lot will set you back hundreds, but the style is well worth the splurge. Besides, a fascinator is not only stylish but functional. For example, women at Royal Ascot must wear hats with a four-inch base. For the best fit, opt for a fascinator whose crown is made of satin instead of cotton.

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