Sergio Barraza New Wife

Sergio Barraza – New Wife of Star Wars Cosplayer Amber Cheatham

Elizabeth Barraza’s murder has shocked the community, but has also raised a large reward for information about the murder. The young woman was found dead on the driveway of her home by a woman in a robe who stepped out of a car and ran quickly toward her. Sergio Barraza had just left the house for work when the crime took place, and Elizabeth was organizing a garage sale to raise money for a trip to Florida with her husband.

Sergio Barraza remarried Amber Cheatham on 30th November 2021. The couple had been engaged since March of that year. The couple is members of the 501st Legion, which is a Star Wars costuming group. Barraza and his late wife, Elizabeth, were fans of the franchise. Based on his appearance, Sergio Barraza is in his late 30s. His deceased wife was just 29 years old when she was killed.

Sergio Barraza’s first wife was named Elizabeth Barraza. She had been a member of the 501st Legion, which is a national group of Star Wars cosplayers. Liz loved fantasy and attended comicon conventions with her husband. She was also an organ donor.

Liz Barraza’s murder is still a mystery. Police have released a surveillance video of the killer. The suspect is on the loose and authorities are asking for the public’s help in identifying him. They want to stop this “brutal killer” from roaming the streets. The motive is not clear yet, but authorities are hoping to get someone in jail for the crime.

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