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Thomson to Wed Severine Nackers, Head of Prints at Sotheby’s Europe

Severine Nackers is the head of prints at Sotheby’s Europe in London and oversees high-profile deals at Sotheby’s auction house. Her impressive collection has seen world record prices paid for works such as Pablo Picasso’s La Minotauromachie for PS1,273,250 and Paul Gauguin’s Crouching Tahitian Woman monotype for PS577,250.

Cambridge-educated Thomson and Belgian-born Nackers are expecting their second child together, another daughter named Ottilie. Ottilie turned two in November.

Early Life and Education

Sotheby’s art expert Severine Nackers will serve as Thomson’s mother-to-be and will take her maternity leave next month, according to an associate. Their child, Ottilie, was fathered over two years ago.

She graduated with her undergraduate degree from the University of Louvain in Belgium, and went on to receive her master’s in Northern Renaissance studies from Courtauld Institute London. Since 2004, she has been actively involved with high-profile print deals.

Thomson has been married twice and divorced both times, giving birth to one daughter with each wife (Mary Lou La Prairie for his first marriage and Laurie Ludwick for his second). Additionally, he briefly had an encounter with actress Kelly Rowan whom he claimed he fathered a child together.

Professional Career

Severine Nackers is currently Head of Print Sales at Sotheby’s Europe in London. Her professional experience includes receiving her undergraduate degree from University of Louvain and master’s from Courtauld Institute London; since 2004 she has been involved in high-profile print sales transactions.

Cambridge-educated Thomson and Belgian-born Nackers had already fathered one daughter together over two years ago; Ottilie. According to sources within the UK Dailymail, Ottilie is about to take maternity leave.

Actress best known for playing Kirsten Cohen on US TV series The O.C. She remains unmarried to date.

Personal Life

Sotheby’s European Prints division in London was thrilled to discover this incredible find. It was found by its current owners when searching their library, where they discovered them in a ledger designed for columns of accounts.

This portfolio comprises some of Munch’s best-known paintings, such as Angst (a variation on The Scream depicting funeral procession in red skies). Vollard’s Le Soir can also be seen as a precursor of Munch’s Scream.

Thomson has been married twice in his life and shares two daughters with his first spouse Mary Lou La Prairie. After his second marriage ended in an acrimonious divorce, he engaged actress Kelly Rowan who gave birth to their child before eventually parting ways.

Net Worth

Thomson has been married three times and is the father of six children from each relationship. He first wed Mary Lou La Prairie with whom he had two daughters named Thyra Nicole and Tessa Lys, then later Laurie Ludwick from whom he had one more child before divorcing her in 2006. Next he had Kelly Rowan before they split in 2008. Finally in 2014 Severine Nackers from Sotheby’s London became his partner – head of their Prints Department!

Thompson and Heiderman are currently expecting their second daughter together – Ottilie was due two years ago; Elodie joined the family two years earlier. They live in Toronto’s Rosedale neighbourhood. His art collection boasts staggering value; in 2002 alone he paid $49.5 million for Rubens’ Massacre of the Innocents which made headlines globally.

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