Shawnette Hardy

Shawnette Hardy – The Wife of a Famous Rapper

Shawnette Hardy gained prominence when she married famous American rapper Antonio Hardy (Big Daddy Kane). They started dating early 2010, and in May they announced their engagement and then later their marriage in 2012.

Popular artist Juice Crew began their careers together back in 1986 as one of hip hop’s premier MCs and has become one of its members ever since.

Early Life and Education

Shawnette Hardy is an accomplished dancer-turned-actress-and filmmaker. She has made a name for herself by contributing her talent and expertise in projects like music videos and short films which have earned critical acclaim, winning awards for their production.

Shawnete has covered major breaking news events like Superstorm Sandy and historic weather event as lead team coverage for many sports teams. Additionally, she has produced long-format enterprise stories regarding stranger danger/child abduction/sextortion and similar topics.

Hardy gave up architecture due to poverty and religious doubt in the 1860s; however, his rigorous private study continued uninterrupted. Every morning at breakfast time he read The Times or tracked cricket scores on The Cricket Score Sheet; beginning in 1878 he also began writing poetry daily in addition to mathematics work.

Professional Career

Antonio Hardy is an American rapper and actor best known as Big Daddy Kane. He began his career in 1986 by joining Juice Crew. Since then he has written many songs for Biz Markie while becoming one of hip hop’s premier MCs. Antonio also acted in movies such as Posse and The Meteor Man.

He lives with his wife Shawnette and son Lamel in Raleigh, North Carolina and first gained public notice after participating in and winning a Versusz battle against rapper KRS-One.

He has worked with numerous artists and enjoys an immense international fan base. Additionally, he has provided his voice for various movies.

Achievement and Honors

Shawnette Hardy is best known as Big Daddy Kane’s wife and an actress herself, appearing in several TV shows and movies, for which she received numerous accolades and awards.

In 2010, she married her longtime love in an intimate ceremony and they now share two children together.

She is an accomplished artist who has collaborated with prominent music celebrities like Biz Markie and Masta Ace. She has earned numerous coveted awards for her musical achievements as well as those for philanthropy and service to the community. Additionally, she participated in Hugh O’brian Youth Foundation Leadership Seminar Program; designed to equip young people to become leaders of tomorrow.

Personal Life

Antonio Hardy, popularly known by his stage name Big Daddy Kane, is an American rapper, actor and songwriter. A Grammy Award recipient and one of the most influential and skilled MCs in hip hop. Born on 10 September 1968 in Brooklyn New York.

He is married to Shawnette Hardy and together they share one son named Lamel Hardy, which they often film making videos together and making audiences laugh out loud. Lamar enjoys making videos with Lamel that often go viral online and loves his family very much; although suffering from asthma himself he didn’t let that get in his way of pursuing his goals or ambitions and performed alongside popular artists such as Biz Markie, The Juice Crew, and Masta Ace.

Net Worth

Shawnette Hardy is an American celebrity wife married since 2010 to Big Daddy Kane – an esteemed rapper who has achieved remarkable success and amassed an immense net worth.

He is best-known as an influential member of Juice Crew in the ’80s rap collective and an exceptional MC within hip hop culture, having released several gold and platinum-certified albums throughout his musical career.

He has made appearances in movies and television shows, gaining media coverage for his Versuz battle against KRS-One. Aside from music, the rapper also maintains an active social media presence with a substantial fan base; living with his family in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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