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Tammy Slaton – Medical Scare During Weight Loss on the TLC Show 1000 Lb Sisters

The TLC show 1000 lb sisters follows the lives of two overweight sisters who try to lose weight. However, their weight loss journeys are anything but easy. The two sisters struggle with their diets and have to deal with their own health issues as they try to get healthier.

The sisters’ family members are always pushing them to stay healthy, but it’s not as simple as that. Tammy Slaton recently went through a medical scare during her weight loss efforts and was hospitalized for a few days following the incident.

She was rushed to the hospital after her lungs “gave up” and she couldn’t breathe one day after arriving at a food rehab facility. Her brother Chris revealed that she had to be rushed to the hospital and placed in a coma as her body shut down.

It’s no secret that Tammy has struggled with weight for most of her life, but she had to put her health on the back burner after her scary episode in Season 3. Thankfully, she was able to get her life back on track and her family is thankful for her recovery.

During her time on 1000 lb sisters, Tammy has faced many challenges and struggles. She’s had a lot of trouble with her mental health and even has a droopy fat socket on her forehead that makes her look like she has a tumor.

In the new season, Tammy has to face another hurdle before she can get her bariatric surgery. She needs to go through six sessions with a therapist. She’s dreading this session but she knows that it’s necessary to gain control of her depression.

The therapist also talks to her about how she’s dealing with the stress of losing so much weight. Her therapist says she’s been through a lot and it’s going to take her some time to overcome the stress, but she’ll get there eventually.

But, the therapist also tells her that she’s going to have to work on her self-esteem and make sure she doesn’t let her weight keep her down. She doesn’t like therapists and has an issue with making eye contact but she says that she’s trying to learn to accept them into her life as she’s getting better.

She even tries to drink a bottle of water before the word “1738” is said in Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen song, but she’s having a hard time doing it. But, she still tries to do it and gets some good reactions from her fans.

Tammy Slaton checked into a rehabilitation facility prior to the holiday season but plans to remain there until this summer. She has reportedly exhibited “reckless behavior” and admits to drinking excessively and smoking in order to cope with her mental health issues.

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