State Of Emergency Declared After Tornadoes Slice Through New …

State of Emergency Declared After Tornadoes Slice Through New Orleans

Tornadoes have struck several places across the southern United States this week. A EF1 tornado struck Americus, Georgia, while an EF2 tornado tore through Sherwood Shores, Texas. Thousands of people were left without electricity, and one person was killed in St. Bernard Parish. The National Weather Service has reported spotting two tornadoes.

EF-1 tornado hit new state of emergency

A tornado in New York state struck Ulster County early Friday, forcing the state to declare a state of emergency. The storms left tens of thousands of people without electricity. A tornado deemed an EF-1 was blamed for uprooting trees, snapping a car canopy, and ripping shingles from houses.

EF-2 tornado struck home in Sherwood Shores, Texas

A tornado ripped through Sherwood Shores, Texas, killing a 73-year-old woman and injuring 11 others. A recreational vehicle was flipped over and the backside of a home was ripped off. Homeowner Wade Bragg said the tornado opened the backdoor and ripped off the entire back side of the house.

EF3 tornado struck hospital in Americus

The Americus, SC area was devastated by a devastating tornado on March 1, 2007. The EF3 tornado sliced through the city, leaving behind a path of destruction more than 38 miles wide. It destroyed hundreds of homes, businesses, and vehicles. Most of the damage occurred near Sumter Regional Hospital. At least two people died in the tornado, and the hospital was unable to provide care to all of its patients. The hospital eventually had to be torn down. A new hospital opened in its place, named Phoebe Sumter.

EF2 tornado touched down in West Virginia

On Monday, the National Weather Service confirmed that an EF2 tornado touched down in southwestern Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The tornado touched down about a half-mile west of Odd in Raleigh County. It ripped off roofs, uprooted trees, and scattered debris as it traveled nearly two miles. The tornado also damaged numerous trees, including a barn that is over 160 years old.

EF1 tornado touched down in Lacombe, Louisiana

On Wednesday evening, a tornado touched down in the Lacombe, Louisiana area. It was deemed an EF1 tornado and was accompanied by damaging winds. According to the National Weather Service, the storm’s peak winds were at least 90 miles per hour. Several structures were damaged and no one was injured. The area was also affected by Hurricane Ida last year.

EF3 tornado tore path from Gretna to Arabi in St. Bernard Parish

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has declared a state of emergency after tornadoes sliced through his state on Tuesday night. The storms caused severe damage in the St. Bernard Parish in southeast Louisiana. The governor traveled to the affected areas on Wednesday and conducted a flyover to assess the damage. Residents were advised to take photos and make lists of damages to their homes. They should also gather any receipts and submit them to their insurance companies.

Falling trees damaged as many as 20 homes in the Olney area of Montgomery Parish

The storms that ripped through Olney, Maryland on Tuesday have left many homes and cars damaged or destroyed. Trees and powerlines fell on homes and vehicles, leaving residents without power. Some of the worst areas were along Bettswood, Morningwood and Queen Elizabeth drives.

Federal aid will be provided to affected individuals in counties of Caldwell,

Tornadoes have ripped through the New Orleans area, flipping cars and destroying homes. The tornadoes had winds of up to 90 mph and left thousands without power. At least one person was killed and hundreds more were injured. Governor Edwin Edwards has declared a state of emergency and is touring the impacted areas.

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