Stonerend New World

Stonerend New World

The Stonerend is the Tier 5 Legendary rarity war hammer in the New World MMORPG. This weapon deals 84 damage and grants 4 useful perks when equipped. It scales up 1 attribute and occupies 13 kg of inventory space. There are four useful perks: 30 Dexterity, 30 Strength, and 30 Dexterity + Strength + Dexterity + Power.

Empowered Counterbalance

Empowered Counterbalance is a Legendary Crafting Component for Weaponsmithing. It is one of three types of materials that can be used in crafting recipes. This component is obtained by killing level 45+ Humanoid Creatures in the New World. This component is the counterbalance to a powerful weapon.

The Empowered Counterbalance is one of the most powerful weapons in the New World. However, unlike the klassischen weapons, its effect is fixed and cannot be customized. However, it does come with some useful utilities, such as reduced cooldowns and bonus damage after grappling.


In the Stonerend new world, players can craft various items. The crafting recipe is called Stonerend Recipe. It requires Schematic of Stonerend, which drops from supply crates, ancient chests and point of interest areas. Players must be level 58 to use the Schematic. A player can also replace it with another one.

The Legendary War Hammer in the Stonerend new world is a powerful weapon. It has high damage and scaling, and can be obtained by dropping enemies or looting chests. It has many useful perks, including a bonus to Strength and Dexterity. In addition, it reduces the maximum cooldown of the weapon by 2.8%.

Twin Wolves

The Twin Wolves are a mystery weapon in the New World. It is not known if the Twin Wolves are powerful and how durable they are. They lose their durability after death. There is also no word on whether they have any perks. We will continue to look for more information regarding these weapons and their perks.

Axe of the Abyss

The Axe of the Abys is a Legendary Hatchet that scales with Strength and Dexterity. It also has three useful perks and a 3.6 kg capacity in your inventory. It is an excellent weapon to use in stone-themed content as it deals high damage and increases critical chance on enemies when their life is below 66%.

If you are looking for a weapon with good damage, the Axe of the Abys is an excellent choice. It also increases the chance of doing Krits when life is below 66 percent. However, this legendary weapon is difficult to obtain, so you should be patient and follow the instructions carefully.

Cutlass Keys Slicer

The Cutlass Keys Slicer is a Legendary Sword that is found in the New World. You can obtain it from enemies, chests, and other ways. It is also possible to craft it. There are quest lines that require you to acquire a specific weapon, so you can also find this legendary sword as a reward for completing a specific quest chain.

This sword is a Tier 3 Rare rarity with a Gear Score of 395. It deals 64 damage and gives you bonus attributes when equipped. It also has a socket for a Gem that can be filled with a gem to increase its stats. It is ideal for tanking and boosting your movement speed.

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