Swgoh Best Defensive Teams

Best Defensive Teams in World of Warcraft

When building a defensive team, it is very important to pick units that have different skills and fluke kills. This way, you can make sure that you can defend your base. Unlike an offense team, defensive teams need specific compositions to keep the opponent from overpowering them. One EX and one A-level unit is an example. You should also consider a gimmick team if you don’t have enough of one type of unit.

The best defensive teams are made up of 4-5 teams. It is better to have four teams and one fleet. The best defensive teams consist of the Phoenix, zMaul/First Order, Nightsisters, and CLS. It is also helpful to have a tank or healer.

If you don’t have the Tarkin, Windu, or Chimera, try a team with the Nightsisters. They are a good defensive team, and they can be run with lower gear than the Phoenix. Their low level will also mean that they’ll be a problem for guilds that don’t have trooper squads. This is normal in the current meta. As such, many guilds are saving their Troopers to take out these Nightsisters.

Despite its low level, the Phoenix team is very dangerous. They can fill the gaps on your second line and threaten team wide counter attacks. Be aware of the Phoenix team’s endurance, which can be countered by Stun, Daze, and Heal Block. You can also stop them with an Emperor team.

Rogue 1 can crush Zenarriss and other weaker teams. They are very good at defending, but they are not the best team in the game. Rogue can also be split up into different teams and is very versatile. By splitting up the Rogue, you can play different roles and build different strategies for different situations.

Bounty Hunters is another type of SWGOH defensive team. They are not very common in SWGOH, but they can sneak-hold and kill enemies. In addition to that, they have an amazing leadership ability, giving their team members a massive amount of defense and tenacity. And since they are a Bounty Hunter, they have an additional benefit of recovering 5% of their health each time they are resisted by an enemy.

Another team in SWGOH that excels at War Defense is Brotherhood. This team is the newest and features skill-type heroes. Their only weakness is that their heroes aren’t particularly strong in War Offense but they are great at War Defense. Mystique’s Passive Suterfuge grants 100% focus to her squadmates, making it difficult for enemies to hit you and cause damage. Echo also has a passive skill that grants Defense Up for 2 turns. This is a significant advantage.

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