Tana Mongeau Vmas 2018

Tana Mongeau Turns Sexy At The MTV VMAs 2018

The MTV VMAs have been a source of entertainment and fashion for nearly 40 years, and the event has a reputation for outdoing itself every year. There’s not much that’s more thrilling than seeing celebrities get down on the red carpet. This year, YouTube star Tana Mongeau made the biggest splash of all when she stepped out in a pair of bedazzled white sneakers. She’s no stranger to the limelight; she’s previously been linked to Bella Thorne and Jake Paul, and was spotted kissing Lil Xan in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Earlier this year, Tana was in the news for making a big announcement. On her 21st birthday, she revealed she was engaged to model and actor Jake Paul. After their engagement, it’s been a bumpy road. They’ve been caught with other women, but it seems their marriage is on track. It’s been said that they’re open about their love, and the couple aren’t shy about sharing their love for one another. But, there have also been rumors of a divorce.

It was the VMAs, of course, and YouTube star Tana Mongeau had the opportunity to display her sexy side. One of her better looks involved a matching pair of white bedazzled Nike sneakers. And she certainly wore her hair down. Another standout look involved a patterned blue hoodie and trendy vinyl trousers. A top-of-the-line coat and pair of sunglasses helped round out the look.

What is more, is the fact that Tana’s Instagram feed has a little over 5.5 million followers, so there’s bound to be some buzz around her. While she may not be the biggest name in the game, she does have a network of friends and family to help her navigate the pitfalls of fame. That’s why she’s been able to snag a couple of major awards, and even a wedding. Despite all her success, she’s not without her fair share of drama. Some of it is due to her shady ex, Lil Xan, who has a slew of tattoos and a bad boy persona to match. Although their romance was short-lived, it was still a good time. Ultimately, while it’s not clear if the aforementioned relationship was the real deal, it’s clear that Tana and Jake are a match made in heaven.

While it’s not exactly surprising that Tana and Noah would end up getting into the PDA business, it is surprising that they’ve been so tame about it. That’s a huge change from the days when they made an official appearance together on the red carpet. However, the two did indeed get on each others’ nerves during a public encounter at the MTV VMAs in August.

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