The Backyardigans Best Clowns In Town

The Backyardigans – Best Clowns in Town

Pablo, Uniqua and Austin want to be circus performers, so they decide to create a circus in their backyard. As circus performers, they will have to deal with the usual problems that accompany such an endeavor. Despite their limited skills, they are determined to make their dreams come true. They will do anything to get to the top of their circus and become the best clowns in town.

The Backyardigans’ second-season episode “Best Clowns in Town” introduces us to a troupe of performers. The group is called the Best Clowns in Town, and they perform a song called “Best Clowns in Town.” The show is a fun family comedy that focuses on the characters’ everyday life and their dreams.

Uniqua, Pablo, and Austin are clowns. In one episode, they accidentally make Ringmaster Tyrone miss his train, which makes him hate clowns. But the next episode introduces a new group of clowns, who are not only great performers, but also good people.

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