The Best Town Hall 8 Base

The Best Town Hall 8 Base

A farming base has a Town Hall in the center and storages all around it. The primary goal of this type of base is to protect resources and save them for upgrades. In contrast, a war base is built with pathways and a large open space. This type of base is extremely difficult to attack because an attacker must go “all in” against it.

There are many ways to balance the defenses of a town hall 8 base. The first of these is the placement of the town hall. This is important because it can make it difficult for a ground army to reach it. Another great option is to place a Dark Elixir storage right in the center of the base. This will keep your dragons from reaching the town hall and slow down your ground army.

Another option is to use a trophy design or a hybrid base design. These base designs have multiple areas that can be used as a shield against any type of attack. This type of base will keep your village and clan castle safe from any attack. It will also protect against troops that are trapped in the clan castle.

Another option is a War Base. This base is an excellent choice for CWL as its perimeter compartments serve as bulkheads. It also confuses attackers by having large dead zones around it. Lastly, a Trophy Base has small compartments around its core to keep troops distracted from the Town Hall.

There are many other options available when it comes to building a town hall. For example, a Trophy Base will make it difficult for TH10 and TH9 attackers to get close to your resources. In addition to this, a Farming Base is a defensive base that can block attackers.

The best Town Hall 8 base is one that uses state of the art defensive techniques to defend its core and prevent common attacks. Getting a three-star from this base is a tough proposition for attackers, as spam attacks will only be able to get one star. This type of base is also a good choice if you want to farm Dark Elixir.

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