Theresa Daniel

Theresa Daniel

Theresa Daniel has made an exceptional contribution to her community through her dynamic leadership of nonprofits, faith-based organizations, hospitals and social service agencies in recent years. Additionally, her focus is to empower women and girls through keynote addresses, workshops seminars and training programs.

She is also a member of the National Association of Counties.

Early Life and Education

Theresa Daniel has an exceptional ability to connect with others. As an empathetic listener and committed worker, Theresa dedicates herself to learning as much about issues impacting county citizens.

She often attends county functions alongside her husband and works countless hours in his office. Additionally, she possesses an impressive background in community service by volunteering with neighborhood associations and civic organizations in the local area.

She currently serves Precinct 1 of Dallas County Commissioners Court as a Democrat since 2013. A native Texan and lifelong resident, she takes great pride in being both mother and grandmother.

Professional Career

Theresa Daniel has dedicated herself to public service throughout her professional career. This includes experience working in law enforcement, the nonprofit sector and local government.

She supports strong and stable government, equality for all individuals, and efforts to reduce poverty in Dallas County. Additionally, she is concerned with its high rate of HIV infections and hopes to provide access to healthcare services for residents.

She is passionate about improving everyday quality of life issues, serving on numerous committees in the past. Additionally, she has visited every county office in her district – tax office, JP courts etc – in order to meet staff and observe how they operate, including tax office and JP courts. Furthermore, she enjoys walking her ultra-friendly Australian Shepard while listening to live jazz and blues music performances.

Achievement and Honors

Theresa Daniel is an influential public speaker, author, life coach and leadership mentor specializing in empowering individuals to overcome any barriers in their path and fulfill their intended plans and purposes. Drawing from personal experience as a survivor herself, her message focuses on encouraging individuals to realize their full potential and discover their personal power within themselves.

She serves as Patron of the Fawcett Society, a cross-party campaigning organisation working towards gender equality. Additionally, she has supported numerous policy issues within her constituency as well as spoken at events sponsored by organizations such as British Chambers of Commerce.

As District 1 Dallas County Commissioner, she attends state and national conferences to learn from other leaders as well as briefed on legislation that may impact her county. Additionally, she holds town hall meetings to inform citizens on county projects while gathering feedback.

Personal Life

Theresa is an experienced life coach and mentor for young women. Additionally, she is involved in campaigns on local and national policy issues related to equality; more specifically as the Cross Party Champion for Equal Pay Equality (CCPEI). Theresa serves as patron for Fawcett Society.

Jeannie returned to Salem under her original name of Theresa in July 2013. While searching for pot, she met JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss).

Unbeknown to Daniel, Chloe had altered the paternity test results so that Parker was actually hers. Later she apologized to both Daniel and Jennifer before leaving to enter a rehab facility. Theresa then hired someone to produce hospital checks for Chloe which she used to purchase debit gift cards at office supply stores.

Net Worth

Therese’s most renowned performance came as Saxa in Netflix’s high-profile fantasy web series Ragnarok. Her spellbinding performance captured audiences worldwide. Prior to Ragnarok, Therese made appearances in Norwegian teen series “Skam” and Danish short movies.

She has kept much of her personal life private and does not speak much about it, except when discussing Father MC (an American rapper). They are married and share one son named Gavin; another baby is expected soon.

Outside of acting, she enjoys traveling – visiting Egypt’s Giza pyramids is her ultimate travel bucket list destination – reading books and cooking. Additionally, she is known to donate funds to charities. In recent years she has also taken part in several charity events.

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