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Michael Paul Lookinland

Michael Paul Lookinland was best known as Bobby Brady from ABC sitcom The Brady Bunch and its spinoffs, and later worked behind-the-scenes on shows such as Halloween 4 and Roswell.

At Chadwick School in Palos Verdes, California and studying at the University of Utah he began work as a production assistant/camera operator before opting out in favor of running his own architectural concrete business in Salt Lake City.

Early Life and Education

Lookinland was known for his role as Bobby Brady on The Brady Bunch and its spin-offs before becoming famous, appearing in 30 TV commercials and offering himself up as Eddie on The Courtship of Eddie’s Father but instead his parents decided he should play Bobby on The Brady Bunch where there would be children close to his age as opposed to an all adult cast (the role ultimately went to Brandon Cruz).

Michael Paul Lookinland was born in Mount Pleasant, Utah in 1960. He has two siblings – Theresa and Todd who also act on television – both graduated from Chadwick School before enrolling at the University of Utah but dropping out to become a production assistant and camera operator instead.

Since leaving The Brady Bunch in 1969, Mr. Faison has not appeared much onscreen, though he did make two notable comebacks to television: 2019’s HGTV series A Very Brady Renovation and 2021 Lifetime Christmas film Blending Christmas. Now living in Utah he runs his own decorative concrete company.

Professional Career

Michael Paul Lookinland is an American actor best known for portraying youngest brother Bobby Brady on ABC sitcom The Brady Bunch from 1969 to 1974 and its subsequent sequels. Additionally, he made appearances as Oblio in animated series The Point!.

He was born December 19th 1960 in Mount Pleasant Utah to Theresa and Todd who are also actors. He belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and remains active within their ranks.

Once The Brady Bunch came to an end, Lookinland transitioned from acting to production assistant work and has since then focused his time and efforts in that capacity. Today he runs a decorative concrete business in Salt Lake City while remaining an avid Grateful Dead fan, having attended over 100 Grateful Dead shows! Married Kelly Wermuth in 1987; together they have two sons named Scott and Joe.

Achievement and Honors

Mike Lookinland is an esteemed American actor best-known for his six-season stint on ABC television’s hit sitcom The Brady Bunch as Mike Brady (elder son). Additionally, he has appeared in various other movies and TV shows such as 1974’s disaster film blockbuster The Towering Inferno with Jennifer Jones and Paul Newman and guest starred on 1970s shows such as The Secrets of Isis; in 2007 he shared the Pop Culture Award alongside Maureen McCormick, Barry Williams Cristopher Knight, and Florence Henderson from his castmates on The Brady Bunch castmates Maureen McCormick (Maureen McCormick), Barry Williams Cristopher Knight and Florence Henderson; in 2007 they shared one award with fellow castmates Maureen McCormick, Barry Williams Cristopher Knight and Florence Henderson who all shared one award: Pop Culture Award winner: Pop Culture Award winner Cristopher Knight and Florence Henderson!

Personal Life

Mike Lookinland, who played the youngest Brady brother on the show, has taken to working behind-the-scenes as a production assistant and cameraperson instead of performing acting roles since it ended. Additionally, he runs his own architectural concrete countertop business in Utah with Kelly Wermuth since 1987; together they have two children together named Scott and Joe.

He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and self-identified as an avid Deadhead; attending over 100 Grateful Dead shows. In addition to attending live shows, he enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

Like his former co-stars, Lookinland has kept a low profile with regards to his personal life and off-screen disputes. Recently he spoke to Deseret News regarding life after The Brady Bunch and how it’s different now that Hollywood is no longer part of it all.

Net Worth

Mike Lookinland has amassed an impressive net worth of $2 Million as a TV actor, thanks to his successful career playing Bobby Brady on The Brady Bunch and its spinoffs.

Paul and Karen Lookinland of Mount Pleasant, Utah welcomed him with open arms. He has two siblings; Theresa (an elder sister) and Todd, who is also an actor.

He attended Chadwick School before enrolling at the University of Utah but left early to pursue a career in entertainment. Since 1987, he and Kelly Wermuth have been married, with whom he shares two sons. Now operating an ornamental concrete business in Salt Lake City, Utah

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