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Urban Kid Adventures – Meet Thom Schuchaskie

Thom Schuchaskie runs Urban Kid Adventures, an outstanding after-school program for children. Additionally, he serves as an outdoor instructor with NYC Outward Bound Center and Education Through Adventure as well as taking courses through Tom Brown Jr Tracker School to develop primitive skills.

Thom Schuchaskie, an accomplished hunter, teacher, and fisherman is her partner. They live happily together with one adorable daughter named Isabella in New York City.

Early Life and Education

Thom has successfully instilled an interest in birds among second graders through Urban Kid Adventures – field trips that take them into local parks to identify wildlife and plants – as well as classes combining Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with nature education for kids.

Ellie Krieger is an award-winning nutritionist and television show host best known for hosting Food Network series Healthy Appetite and PBS show Ellie’s Real Good Food. She holds both an undergraduate degree from Cornell University in Clinical Nutrition as well as an advanced masters from Columbia University; additionally, she has written multiple cookbooks, such as Small Changes Big Results So Easy The Food You Crave Comfort Food Fix

UKA utilizes interactive discussions and physical activities to teach children focus and connectivity to their environment. Thom has taken many of the same learning principles from Little Earthings and tailored them specifically for older child audiences.

Professional Career

Thom Schuchaskie, founder of Urban Kid Adventurers, is an expert wilderness instructor dedicated to reconnecting urban children with nature. He teaches them survival fundamentals using water, shelter, fire, and food as the four pillars. Furthermore, Thom is also an 18-year student of martial arts, CPR instructor, wilderness first responder.

He teaches children how to connect with their environment by connecting their physical and mental activities, using examples like tossing a pebble into a pond and discovering concentric circles – showing children how connected they are with the universe through their presence.

He is married to nutritionist Ellie Krieger, known for her Food Network TV show ‘Healthy Appetite with Ellie” and PBS series “Ellie’s Real Good Food”. They have one daughter together named Isabella.

Achievement and Honors

Krieger has garnered great success as both a nutritionist and author, having written several cookbooks such as Small Changes, Big Results, So Easy and Ellie’s Real Good Food. She also hosted both Food Network TV Show Healthy Appetite and PBS Series Ellie’s Real Good Food.

She is a member of the Bergen County Audubon Society and has led many field trips. Additionally, she taught her Columbia Secondary School students about local ecology and wildlife – sparking lasting passion for natural history among them.

Thom is a student of Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School and has completed classes up to the Expert Scout level. Additionally, he was previously employed as a wilderness instructor with NYC Outward Bound Center and Education Through Adventure before being accepted into National Outdoor Leadership School Educators 30 Day program as an avid outdoorsman.

Personal Life

Thom Schuchaskie has been teaching primitive skills since 2010. He graduated from Tom Brown Jr Tracker School to Expert Scout level, taught wilderness courses for NYC Outward Bound Center and Education Through Adventure (ETA), is certified CPR/First Aid instructor, has studied martial arts since 1994, and is also a proud father.

He is also a professional hunter, teacher and fisherman who lives with his wife in New York City with their daughter Isabella.

Ellie Krieger is an esteemed nutritionist and television show host best known for her Food Network show Healthy Appetite and PBS series Ellie’s Real Good Food. Additionally, she has written several cookbooks including Small Changes, Big Results, So Easy, The Food You Crave and Comfort Food Fix. In 2010, Michelle Obama invited Krieger to spearhead her nutrition education initiative at White House Healthy Kids Fair.

Net Worth

Ellie Krieger first became well-known through hosting her Food Network show Healthy Appetite with Ellie and is a New York Times best-selling author of seven cookbooks. Additionally, she worked as a fitness model and taught health and wellness classes; happily married to Thom Schuchaskie and raising one beautiful daughter together; his outward-bound instruction business Urban Kid Adventurers provides children with ways to explore nature by setting tents, making fires, shooting bows and tying knots, etc – he works outward-bound courses all around New York! Together the couple live together in New York together!

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