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Who is Thoma?

Buy products designed and sold by independent artists – T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor & more designed by them to put money back in their pockets! When you make an purchase you are helping make an artist’s life better and giving money directly back into their hands.

Houston Texans safety Michael Thomas designed a shirt calling for an end to racism that his team will wear during week 1. Here is more on Thomas and his dedication to social justice work.

Personal Life

Thoma is an approachable, friendly person who likes helping others and spending time with his friends. When not helping out others he enjoys video gaming and cooking for himself in his free time – two activities he thoroughly enjoys in Inazuma. People of Inazuma know him for being always ready to assist when there are problems needing solving; Ayaka and Ayato of Kamisato Clan Ayaka and Ayato in particular know he will come quickly when issues need solving; in his personal life he lives comfortably due to work and friendship; ultimately satisfied he believes his life will continue doing good things into future years!

Net Worth

Thomas has amassed an impressive following across his various social media platforms and generates revenue through merchandise sales as well. Additionally, he runs an active YouTube channel featuring comedic sketches and musical performances which generate revenue that adds significantly to his net worth.

Thoma is an important supporting character in Genshin Impact, 2020 action role-playing fantasy video game. He serves as deuteragonist during prologue, first and second acts while becoming major protagonist during third act.

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