Thomas Asphalt

Thomas asphalt paving material is an economical and long-lasting choice that can withstand both heavy traffic loads and extreme weather conditions, offering significant cost-savings over alternative paving materials.

Thomas Asphalt Lab, located in New Jersey and accredited by AASHTO, specializes in asphalt research and testing with state-of-the-art technology.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Asphalt was raised in Rhode Island. Both his grandfather and father operated successful paving companies where he learned everything he knows about running his own business; including how hard work pays off with quality installations. Thomas also attended community college nearby where he earned an associate’s degree in science.

In 2008 he established East End Asphalt with a 160-ton per hour capacity plant to serve St Thomas and St John in the US Virgin Islands. East End offers Federal Highway Association certified mixes asphalts as well as emulsion tack coat applications along with full mill and pave construction services.

Alistair Bow is actively involved in supporting local charities, sports clubs and businesses – he serves as chairman for both Nottingham RFC and Walesby Forest Scout Camp as well as his company.

Professional Career

He has over 15 years of experience conducting research and development of asphalt pavement materials, contributing to over 200 journal and conference publications in this field. His areas of interest include structural pavement analysis, asphalt characterization, energy harvesting from roadways, as well as energy harvesting via roadways.

He serves as Chairperson of CAPA’s LabCAT Certification Board and RMAEC Training Center Board, is an instructor for NJSAT levels A-E certification exams, and frequently guest lectures at universities including CU-Boulder, UCDenver, CSU-Fort Collins, and Air Force Academy.

Since 1973, this business has provided paving, milling, site work and concrete services. Their clients include highway projects of various sizes as well as airports and commercial developments – they pride themselves on excellent customer service and quality products.

Achievement and Honors

Tom was an instrumental founding member of the Asphalt Institute Foundation when it was first formalized in 2014. As its director and mission advocate, he helped define its vision and mission around strategic research as well as providing pathways for students interested in entering the asphalt industry. Furthermore, his financial background proved vital as he has served on multiple industry-related boards and committees including AI’s Finance Committee.

Thomas Bow City Asphalt has been an East Midlands building, civil engineering and groundwork contractor since 1867. Family-owned and managed, Alistair Bow is now in his sixth generation as chairman and managing director. They have completed projects such as Wilford Power Station, Raleigh Bicycle Company factory and Barclays Bank Market Square Nottingham among many others.

East End Asphalt Plant offers 160 tons per hour capacity and is certified by the Federal Highway Association to offer mix designs, emulsion tack coats and milling services for projects of all sizes.

Personal Life

Thomas Gabriel enjoys many hobbies and interests outside of work. These include playing the guitar, singing songs and writing lyrics as well as spending time with his family and friends.

He is well-known in his local community and supports various charities and sports clubs, acting as chairman for Nottingham RFC and Walesby Forest Scout Camp respectively.

East End Asphalt operates a 160-ton per hour plant on St Thomas and St John in the US Virgin Islands, offering Federal Highway Association certified mixes of asphalt, emulsion tack coat and complete mill and pave projects.

Net Worth

Thomas Asphalt is an entrepreneur who has amassed an enormous business empire through hard work ethic and dedication to construction industry. Additionally, Thomas takes great care in contributing to charitable organizations; with an estimated net worth estimated to reach $15 Million dollars.

Thomas Bow City Asphalt is a leading building, civil engineering and groundwork contractor. They have completed projects such as Wilford Power Station, Raleigh Bicycle Company Factory and Barclays Bank as well as providing services for Donington Park racetrack and Birmingham Airport.

Tom has been an active member of the Asphalt Institute since 1977, serving on numerous committees and as Finance Chairman. Additionally, he played a significant role in shaping AI Foundation’s focus on strategic research while creating avenues for young people entering the paving industry.

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