Thomas Blank

Thomas Blank Passes Away

Thomas Blank offers businesses guidance in meeting carbon and energy efficiency challenges. He was instrumental in creating McKinsey’s Resource Productivity and Sustainability practice.

Tom puts State pension dollars to work investing in businesses prepared for a low-carbon economy, promoting disability inclusion in the workforce and overseeing New York’s 529 college savings plan.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Blank was a self-employed electrician and family man who enjoyed hunting ginseng, watching football, collecting vinyl records and working out. Additionally, Thomas loved spending time with his children and loved spending quality time with family members he knew well. Thomas will be deeply missed by everyone he knew.

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Professional Career

Tom’s high energy, positive attitude and professional approach to teaching, directing, play production and college leadership were instrumental in the expansion of the Theatre department at CTC. Furthermore, he served in leadership capacities outside his department such as curriculum committee member, mentor program chair, Smith Center Advisory member and head of general education.

Wickford Cove is quiet with boats being put away or being transported out to sea for sale, leaving Natalie O’Connor and Thomas Blank at the town dock to discuss what lies ahead for their sailing season.

She asks him if they could go out together on his boat to harvest oysters for the day; he happily accepts; his oyster business is growing quickly, and needs assistance harvesting them.

Achievement and Honors

Tom Blank was an extraordinary educator, director, playwright, and theatre professor renowned for his professionalism, positive attitude, leadership skills and service to his department outside it. Outside the department he served in leadership positions on committees such as Curriculum and Mentor Program as well as serving on Smith Center Advisory. Tom resided in Neenah where he enjoyed spending time with his family; at their cottage on Lake Poygan Tom enjoyed spending time at. Tom leaves behind Regis Klosterman his wife of 26 years (deceased), Madison Sara (deceased), Brady Anthony Canyun (deceased), Avery Elizabeth and many more family and friends (deceased). A memorial service will take place on January 15th 2023.

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Personal Life

Thomas Blank was an ardent family man, cherishing both his children and grandchildren dearly. He took great pleasure hunting ginseng, watching football and collecting vinyl records; always prioritizing family before work responsibilities. Thomas will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

He supported his family by writing, succeeding Lionel Johnson as a reviewer for the Daily Chronicle by reviewing contemporary poetry, reprints, criticism and country books. Unfortunately he never earned very well; often finding himself doing odd jobs just to stay afloat financially.

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Net Worth

Thomas was best-known for his roles as Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife on Andy Griffith and landlord Ralph Furley on Three’s Company, respectively. Additionally, he was an accomplished comedian.

Thomas Blank is estimated to be worth approximately $20 Million and is an accomplished business leader, having founded multiple companies as well as serving on their boards.

He currently holds the role of partner at Rocky Mountain Institute and is actively engaged in charitable and public service efforts outside his work at RMI. You can discover more about him on LinkedIn by exploring his profile or follow him on Twitter for news and updates. To update or change your preferences or see how we use your data please click here.

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