Thomas Carolan

Thomas Carolan is a New York based social worker specializing in both Social Work and Clinical Social Work.

He amassed his wealth through a successful career as an Executive.

Tom Carolan is the proud parent of three daughters: Maggie, Bridget, and Tess. Additionally, he serves as uncle to Ryan Kelly Chris Matt Brianne Teddy Carolan and their families.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Carolan was born in Brooklyn and grew up in Montvale. He attended Our Lady of Mercy Academy in Park Ridge before heading off to Siena College, excelling both baseball and football there. From there, Thomas began his professional life working with Mercer Management Consulting before making the transition into equity trading at SVB Leerink.

Carolan’s active years coincided with a revival of interest in Irish music as well as its cultural and historical context, but also saw a decline of male professional Irish harpers/composers. His tunes continued to be published throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Ireland and Britain both as popular songs as well as more serious, antiquarian-based collections.

Turlough O’Carolan (1670-1738), also known by his Irish name Toirdhealbhach O Cearbhallain, was an Irish blind harper and composer, best known for his melodic compositions.

Professional Career

Carolan composed both songs and instrumental harp music, drawing influence from continental classical styles as well as Gaelic tradition when creating his tunes.

In 2004, Rae founded J Rae Entertainment, later becoming Total Live Music in 2007. As its president and founder, this company specializes in recording and delivering media to musicians for distribution to their fans – clients include Hootie & the Blowfish, Ted Nugent, Rancid and Rilo Kiley among many more.

He specializes in international law and maintains a private practice in Washington and Maryland. Additionally, he co-founded a design firm which creates limited edition packaging for recording artists; their packaging was recently featured on St Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Rock n Roll Hope Show.

Achievement and Honors

Carolan was not only an esteemed businessperson and sportsman; he also held various public sector posts such as at Works Progress Administration, Office of Price Administration and Reconstruction Finance Corporation before retiring from government service in 1971.

He has been honored numerous times throughout his career for his efforts. Most recently, New Jersey Tech Council awarded him with the Caren Franzini Hall of Fame award, honoring him for his contributions towards furthering technology advancement in New Jersey. Brian Carolan from Commvault, Mark Ciano from PNY Technologies and Mike Riccio from Panasonic were also awarded this prize.

Carolan is part of Portsmouth High School’s Environmental Change Organization and their effort to build a green classroom. Additionally, she plays violin, piano and ukulele – three instruments she is proudly part of the Epitome Club at PHS literary magazine – among many other talents.

Personal Life

Carolan was a man of many interests; in addition to music he was an accomplished artist, author and horse breeder. Additionally he was an active member of his community: participating in local politics as well as belonging to organizations like Friendly Sons of St Patrick and Rock Creek Council of Knights of Columbus.

Hunting and fishing were his passions; in later years however, he started suffering from dementia. He leaves behind his wife Sara, daughters Maggie and Bridget as well as siblings Mary Carolan from Montvale NJ and Jim and family from Ramsey New Jersey as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Carolan began his legal career as special assistant attorney general of Iowa before coming to Washington. For 34 years after that he practiced international law privately both here and in Maryland. Additionally he held vice chairman positions on Montgomery County Democratic Committee as well as being chosen as national delegate at Democratic National Conventions.

Net Worth

Tom Carolan has amassed an estimated net worth between $1- $2 Million dollars through his successful career as an Executive.

Jim brings extensive expertise in real estate investment, development, financing, leasing, disposition and regulatory matters to family offices and private investors. He has managed complex transactions involving luxury residential assets; development sites; office, retail and warehouse properties; ground leases; asset-based and mezzanine financing arrangements; as well as easements related to conservation, utilities construction and access.

His account on Instagram boasts many followers. Unfortunately, the numbers displayed here for his salary income and net worth are only estimates based on multiple social factors and may differ substantially from actual numbers.

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