Thomas Cason

Thomas Cason attended East Stroudsburg South High School in Pennsylvania and earned two varsity letters in football and track and field. Later, he received an athletic scholarship at Furman University to compete cross country and track & field.

He was an exceptional farmer, building many houses, barns, and bridges throughout his tenure in the county that remain as testaments of his skill and fidelity. Many still stand today.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Cason was a native of England who came to America as early as the 17th century. Known for his tobacco plantations business and numerous slave ownership, Thomas also served as church warden.

He was a small man of remarkable constitution and endurance; prompt and careful in performing his duties; never engaging in disputes amongst friends or acquaintances.

He served as a full-time member of our Facilities Management team, working to keep all 900+ acres of fields, forests, roads, bodies of water and structures at camp in excellent condition throughout the year. A passionate reader with wide-ranging interests spanning history to music to theology he was also an accomplished athlete having won three State Cross Country Running Championships during his lifetime.

Professional Career

Thomas Cason has held several professional roles during his career. He served as director and audit committee chairman of Mirant, as well as owning five agricultural equipment dealerships. Furthermore, Thomas held senior management roles at Baker Hughes and Key Tronic Incorporated.

From 1861-1864, he served in the Indiana House of Representatives before being elected to both of Congress’s Forty-third and Forty-fourth sessions (March 4, 1873 to March 3, 1877). Later, he resumed practicing law in Lebanon, Indiana.

He serves as a full-time member of our facilities team, working to maintain our 900+ acres of fields, forests, roads, bodies of water and structures throughout the year. At Furman University he received a cross country/track and field scholarship and later graduated with a Bachelor’s in Health and Exercise science.

Achievement and Honors

East Stroudsburg South High School in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania… Received two varsity football letters… Converted 97 receptions into 1,834 yards and 20 touchdowns on receptions… Also lettered in basketball and track and field… National Honor Society member.

He was widely respected by the presiding judge of the circuit court and sought his advice regularly on matters before him. With clear and logical insight on most topics that came before him combined with commonsense that always governed, he proved a very valuable associate judge.

Lucinda Cason Vitez established this scholarship to honor her parents French Baron and Thomas Cason and award it annually to an Upson-Lee High School graduating senior who displays academic excellence as well as financial need.

Personal Life

Thomas Cason was born in Hertfordshire, England in 1604. After migrating to Lynnhaven Parish (now Lower Norfolk County in Virginia, USA) prior to 1635 he worked as both a tobacco farmer and large slave owner, making an appearance in the Lower Norfolk Book of Representative Citizens between 1639-1640. Thomas married Elizabeth Alcott Leighton who assigned some debts owed by William Leighton within the colony to him as part of their settlement contract.

He and his brothers James and Samuel witnessed first-hand as farms they invested time and money to open became prosperous homes of thrift and independence. Additionally, he was known as an avid Christian and family man.

He was an all-around handyman and loved cooking and grilling for his family. His kind and gentle spirit always had a smile on their face – all who knew him will miss him dearly.

Net Worth

Thomas Cason reportedly estimated a net worth of over $312 Thousand as of 10 January 2013. Since 2010, Thomas sold RIG stock at least three times and owned at least 5,094 units of its stock.

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