Thomas Club

The Thomas Club – A Private Dining Space Before Concerts

Join us at The Thomas Club, our private dining area before concerts. Enjoy exceptional hospitality and service as you indulge in delectable menu items designed specifically to complement the performance program.

Thomas vacations every summer at Crow’s lakeside resort, fishing with guides provided by Crow and dancing to musicians brought by him. Additionally, Thomas has attended two conservative political conferences that Crow hosts there.

Early Life and Education

Thomas struggled throughout his childhood to gain admission into a Catholic boarding school seminary in order to fulfill his desire of becoming a priest. Though he received an outstanding education, Thomas found himself disgruntled with the Church’s passive stance toward civil rights issues.

Horatio Alger Association membership enabled Justice Thomas to build an inner circle of wealthy supporters. They made him an honorary board member and established two scholarships in his name at Fork Union Military Academy (2002 & 2007 respectively) where one of his mentees attended, as well as Randolph-Macon Academy (2007) where his great-nephew was studying.

Students can explore their interests through over 130 clubs and organizations on campus, using Tommie Link – our student directory – as an avenue.

Professional Career

Thomas has utilized his business acumen to achieve success in his professional career. He has established companies specializing in waste removal & recycling, multi-family housing and sports industries. Furthermore, Thomas gives back to the community through the Frank Thomas Charitable Foundation.

This club invites speakers who work at various sports organizations to help students network and gain an understanding of how business interacts with sports. All majors are welcome!

St. Thomas students can access Clifton Strengths Finder coaching from the Center for Professional and Career Development, while the Occupational Outlook Handbook allows them to research careers and employment outlooks. Both resources can be found online. St. Thomas is dedicated to creating an accessible workplace in accordance with applicable laws.

Achievement and Honors

The club is an honorary society for students who uphold principles of morality and ethics, demonstrate high levels of honesty and reliability, show kindness to others and display genuine care and consideration for others. Furthermore, this service organization offers students the chance to interact and build relationships with fellow classmates.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was an especially notable member, bestowing Horatio Alger medallions at its annual gathering and serving as an invaluable resource in fundraising activities. This was considered an asset by the association and has proven useful when planning fundraising efforts.

Nova Southeastern University professor Stephen J O’Brien recently received The Explorers Club’s 2022 Lowell Thomas Award, given to individuals who “exhibit excellence in domains or fields of exploration.” O’Brien joins other notable explorers such as Isaac Asimov, Sylvia A Earle Carl Sagan and Jean-Michel Cousteau as recipients of this prestigious honor.

Personal Life

Thomas was greatly influenced by the natural world around her Logan Circle home, particularly its crepe myrtle trees and holly bushes which inspired her interpretations of its features and seasonal changes that could be observed through her window; these observations led her to create works such as Watusi (1963).

Tanisha has made appearances on numerous reality television programs as a host, co-host, actress and writer; her most notable being her role in season two of Bad Girls Club. Tanisha boasts over 1.5 million Instagram followers thanks to her dedication to her work; garnering many honors and awards along the way as well as building up an avid following as an author and entrepreneur in New York City where she now resides with an estimated net worth estimated at $20 Million.

Net Worth

Thomas has received over $3 Million in gifts and donations since becoming an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court in 2007. His annual salary stands at $285,400 but this does not account for all his other income sources, such as donations or gifts from wealthy individuals.

The Los Angeles Times performed an analysis of Justices’ disclosure forms and found that Thomas was by far the top recipient of donations (money, mementos and club memberships) from 1998-2003. Thomas reported receiving over $42,200 from donors during this time.

Huizenga lavished Thomas with numerous privileges, from extravagant vacations and private jet flights, to VIP passes for professional and college sporting events where he usually sat in the owner’s box, to standing invitations to his exclusive golf club that featured cottages for family members as well as cottages for friends, a yacht marina and helipad.

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