Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole – Artist and Singer-Songwriter

Thomas Cole is an artist and singer-songwriter who performs regularly at bars, coffee shops, breweries and churches – as well as providing piano services for weddings and other special events.

Cole was born in northwest England and immigrated to America in 1818. After living briefly in Ohio and Philadelphia, he eventually settled down in Catskill, New York.

Early Life and Education

Cole showed an early aptitude for art despite lacking formal education; producing thousands of sketches and paintings of various subjects throughout his lifetime. Starting his career out as a portraitist, his focus eventually shifted toward landscape painting.

Cole’s works received tremendous acclaim upon his return from Europe, particularly his 1836 series, The Course of Empire, which raised deep concerns regarding industrial development and destruction of wilderness by “copper-hearted barbarians.”

Cole eventually settled his rural studio at Cedar Grove in Catskill, New York, marrying the niece of its owner and becoming a year-round resident at this site. In 1841 he joined the Episcopal Church which would play an instrumental role in his later works.

Professional Career

Cole has been playing piano for more than 15 years and has graced venues like lounges, hotels, breweries, vineyards and cruise ships as a piano bar entertainer. Additionally he teaches lessons and performs for weddings.

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Achievement and Honors

Cole is an esteemed academic who has received honorary doctorates from several colleges and universities. His passion for autobiography led to workshops and programs which help people document their lives.

Thomas has been featured in many true crime podcasts and television programs as the subject of true crime dramas. Thomas’ family have never given up hope in finding him and maintain an active Facebook group to inform followers on any developments in their search for him.

Susan Doyle, Johnston County District Attorney recently made the decision to drop charges against Jeremy Carpenter, Julian Valles Jr. and Anthony James to avoid jeopardizing any future homicide prosecutions. Their family have expressed disappointment over this decision as they still search for Cole in North Carolina.

Personal Life

Cole became a familiar face in New York and eventually earned the patronage of Luman Reed, an influential merchant. Under Reed’s patronage he embarked upon one of his most ambitious paintings series: The Course of Empire (1833-1836; New-York Historical Society). This series contained five pictures which dramatized the rise and fall of an ancient classical civilization.

He painted allegories depicting landscapes sketched during his travels across Europe as well as more abstract views with striking light effects and chiaroscuro effects. These vistas could depict direct depictions of actuality or more expansive religious visions expressing religious ideas.

Christopher Cole Thomas, commonly known by his nickname Cole, disappeared while traveling from Minnesota to North Carolina and his case has become the focus of true crime podcasts and other investigative media sources.

Net Worth

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