Thomas Connell

Thomas Connell

Thomas Connell is a stage manager at the Metropolitan Opera with an uncommon job that demands musician, linguist, computer expert, and psychotherapist skills all in one package.

He possesses an in-depth knowledge of law. With decades of experience representing clients in franchise compliance litigation and complex business-to-business disputes, he is adept at representing them effectively.

Early Life and Education

Tom Connell was born and educated at Rogers High School in Jamestown, Rhode Island before attending the University of Rhode Island where he played baseball and golf for both teams before earning a master’s degree in English literature from there. Following graduation he entered military service during both peacetime and war operations as an officer.

He has dedicated much of his life to providing his children with the best futures possible, serving as an active member in his local community and having an interest in arts as a reader.

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Professional Career

Tom has extensive experience managing complex litigation cases related to securities (both US and international), tax disputes and employment litigation matters. Additionally, he handles complex business-to-business dispute resolution services and appellate court appeals on behalf of both public and private entities.

Former Navy pilot, he flew military cargo planes in the Pacific before studying music at graduate school and stage managing operas at the Metropolitan Opera. With strong nerves and quick decision making abilities developed from flying military cargo planes in combat environments, his time with the Navy gave him invaluable training.

Tom is an exceptional educator and coach. As the creator and director of Cross Cultural Communications, Regional Orientation, Terrorism Threat Analysis & Personal Security-Travel Safety training provided by a civilian government agency for both military and civilian government employees such as US Special Forces personnel.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Connell was an accomplished military leader, naval officer and an esteemed husband, father, and brother who was well loved by all his family members. Devout Catholic and contributing to several charities he loved to laugh while playing golf or watching political shows on TV.

His 33 years in service to the US military included four combat deployments. Additionally, he held the post of Director of Special Operations Intelligence as well as two-year brigade command of an Army Special Mission Unit.

Even though his records at West Point showed an underachieving student, he was nonetheless considered an outstanding cadet by both administration and his fellow cadets. They praised him as being strong, broad-shouldered, graceful and erect; an ideal soldier in every way who earned the respect of his peers.

Personal Life

Thomas Connell has experience litigating before both the US Supreme Court and lower federal courts on matters pertaining to securities, taxation and alcohol beverage laws.

At West Point, he was part of one of the finest graduating classes ever seen from this period, earning praise from both colleagues and instructors such as Major General Oswald Ernst who said of them, “You would find few more soldierly recruits anywhere outside West Point.

After the post-treaty election (1922-7), he was elected to Dail Eireann for Galway representing INTO, becoming one of its delegate critics and party education spokesperson.

Net Worth

Thomas Connell is a businessman with a net worth of over one million. He owns a company involved with hotels, resorts and restaurants industry and has worked for more than 24 years in this sector.

Tom is also a political journalist, covering Australian federal and state politics for over 10 years at Sky News Australia.

He has appeared as a guest on numerous talk shows and major newspapers like the New York Times. Additionally, he has published multiple books on military history as well as spoken at numerous conferences. With an array of skills and experiences under his belt, including being an outstanding leader he is highly esteemed as well as sought-after consultant.

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