thomas coupling

Thomas Disc Couplings

Thomas disc couplings can be found in applications as diverse as test stands, marine pumps and printing machines. Their flexible nature enables them to tolerate high degrees of parallel and angular misalignment without issues.

Construction Hubs and Center Members Made From Carbon Steel Bolts Are Made Of Alloy Steel Disc Packs Are From Tomaloy Tpack Sizes Up To 484. Coating Options Include: Black Oxide Zinc or Cadmium Coating (For more options please contact Rexnord).

Early Life and Education

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Rexnord Thomas Disc Couplings are torsionally rigid all-metal flexible couplings designed for motor, engine and turbine-driven equipment such as generators, pumps, fans compressors and indexing drives that do not require regular maintenance or lubrication. They provide optimal performance on generators pumps fans compressors indexing drives as they can accommodate angular parallel and axial misalignment with visual inspection without disconnecting equipment.

Professional Career

Disc couplings are used by rotating equipment engineers to transfer torque. As all-metal assemblies, these couplings require no regular lubrication and can accommodate misalignments of all shapes and sizes with flexible disc packs that can be visually inspected without disconnecting equipment, they offer infinite lifespan while being designed for motor, engine and turbine driven applications with Rexnord Thomas Disc Couplings being known for their reliability in power train systems*. *Service factors may differ based on operating conditions or application.

Net Worth

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